Thursday, January 19, 2012

Appeasing Mankind or Trusting God?

"Political correctness", like a euphemism, means clothing words with inaccurate meanings, to slip through where frankness cannot get through. It is a calculated lie to have its intent deliberately misconstrued.

Torah does not mince words. It does not deviate from laser-straight truthfulness. It tells Jews in no uncertain terms how to achieve peace in the Holy Land.

Before the Jews were to cross the Jordan River, God provided them the exact formula for peaceful existence. To "exist" means for everyone to exist, meaning, without anyone suffering occasional tragedy from hostile or enemy elements.

"And God spoke to Moses ... Tell the Jews that after they cross ... into the Land ... they should drive out its inhabitants." Jews should, according to God, clear away, by chasing away (Rashi), all non-Jews who resided there in the first place, to turn it into a Land for Jewish people, "... Because for you [Jews] I have given this Land to inherit."

And the consequences if not: "And if you do not drive out the inhabitants, and you leave some to remain among you, then they will be a source of hurt for you, like nails in your eyes and like barbs in your sides, and they will continually trouble you. And as I had planned to do to them - I will do to you!" (Num. 33:50-56)

There simply is no other way. As long as Arabs/Gentiles dwell in Israel, as residents, Jews feed their own suffering. As long as political correctness supersedes the dictates of God, God will not slack off. As long as God's word does not take priority over that which the human mind wants to superimpose, regarding policy within Israel, its people cannot achieve the peace they purportedly desire.

This is the saga of the Jewish people. As long as Jews cannot unite under the shield of trust in Hashem, Hashem will not grant us tranquility. He wants to be our God. "I will take you to Myself as a nation, and I will be to you as a God." (Ex. 6:7) He wants to be our God, our Provider, our Guarantor, and He will not let us remain unhurt if some of us, whoever they may be, choose another authority, another benefactor, or another's assurances and gestures for peace.

Political correctness assumes politics of internal or international considerations override the policy God wants to establish for Israel. But as long as God is not given paramount consideration, Jews stand to lose - by continually inviting upon themselves what God had wanted to deal to the enemies of the Jews.

As long as Israel is not a Jewish land for the Jewish people, and for them alone, this sorry saga of occasional tragedy the Jews themselves bring upon themselves (ה' ישמור). If a Gentile owns land in Israel, or resides thereupon, he is actually living on land that belongs to some Jew, wherever he may now be living, because the entire Jewish Land is an inheritance to the entire 12 tribes of Israel and that will not and cannot change.

Obviously this flies in the face of so-called "Democracy", but to give this excuse more validity than it deserves is to give it dimensions of deity.

May God grant Jews iron fortitude and the pride of Jacob in their God and Holy Land, first and foremost to unify, and then to ignore political correctness and pressure, to carry out God's will, and sweep clean the Jewish land of all its Gentile residents, so we can fully achieve eternal peace for each and every Jew. And then God promises, "... you will live in security!" (Deut. 12:10)


  1. We are our worst enemies, Shiloh. We are our own Achilles heel. You, my friend, and all that seeks to keeps Jews from uniting, may well have the upper hand. Although, thank God, there are signs that unity is coming, or that it will be forced upon us. May it happen mercifully.

    You are an arrogant young fellow, I believe, perhaps in tow with a degree or two, you think earns you your haughtiness to deny the greatest Jewish minds over the many generations. People went into the fire for their beliefs and you so easily deny it. Always quoting some one possuk in Tanach. Like a lone coyote howling in the dark.

    Take a heavy dose of humility, go into a Jewish book store and start reading about your religion and heritage. Maybe, one day, it will ignite in you and you will suddenly realize just what a great fortune you have to be counted as a Jew. We have God on our side, we have the gift of Torah and, last but not least, the wonderful fortune of being from a people who were tons smarter than we are, who gave us a virtual wealth of knowledge. And they did it with humility, great as they were. Count yourself lucky.

    All the Sadduccees, the Hellenists, the Reform, they all lost out because, after 3 or at most 4 generations, their genomes fall out of the Jewish gene pool. The Reform of today are not the same nation of Reformers of yesteryear. They are the fringe of the present gene pool. Hellenists became goyim in the end. And, as most goyim, they could hardly care for what nation consumes them. You are standing at the edge of that precipice. Make sure you marry Jewish! Maybe your kids will see the light if you don't. Stick with your Jewish people who are the same nation that Moses redeemed from Egypt. The same set of genomes, the same 12 tribes of pure family.

    You pain me because I not only have to fight to get people to know Judaism, to understand the Torah the Rebbe taught, to let Gentile know they have 7 Noahide Laws to keep - because sitting down to write is a heavy chore, for me anyways - but here you are, a splinter from my people, digging me in my sides, poking thorns in my eyes, when you are the blind one. How do I know? NOT because I am smart - but because my teachers are brilliant geniuses and righteous sages. That how I know I am right and you are dead wrong.