Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Power of Jewish Blabber

Once it was discovered Moses killed an Egyptian (who persecuted a Jew), Pharoah ordered his execution. With the help of divine intervention, Moses managed to escape and fled Egypt. One source says he was 12 years old (Sifsei Chachomim, Ex. 3:18); Another says he was 18 (Sefer Hayashar, p. 211). At any rate, he was a youngster at the time. By the time Moses returned to Egypt, he was about 80 years old.

Discovery of the Egyptian's murder that forced Moses to flee came as a consequence of two Jews squealing the information to Pharoah. That is to say, because Datan and Aviram tattled on another Jew, opening their mouths when they didn't have to, this led to Moses' absence for a duration of over 60 years!

It was thanks to young Moses, a prince in Pharoah's palace, that Egypt instituted for enslaved Jews one day in the week to be a day of rest - which turned out to be the Shabbat day ("ישמח משה במתנת חלקו"). It was, thanks to Moses, that the Egyptian rapist and torturer was killed. Imagine then how much more he could have helped the Jews had he remained within their sphere for a period of over 60 years.

Yet banished he was - and all because of the blabber of two Jews. And not just any two Jews, for these two were the worst among the Jews. Nevertheless, we see the extraordinary power blabbing has, even by the worst of Jewish elements, with its effect on the highest of Jewish personalities.

If the gossip of a lowlife has such detrimental force, imagine how much more injurious could be the gossip of a finer class.

Therefore, of the immense power of a Jew's "לשון הרע" we should take note and take heed!

It is not for nothing God placed two sets of "guardrails" in front of man's tongue. You first have to breach the lips, and then the teeth, before the tongue can begin to wag. The little wag of a Jewish tongue can whip the daylights out of another Jew. So the Jew must be careful to restrain what he exhales from his open mouth. For bad-mouthing another Jew has the power to kill.

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