Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Jewish Liberalism's Achilles Heel

I wrote this letter to a Jew who heaped abuse on the Chareidi sector for nurturing the likes of that Jew who committed a chilul Hashem for spitting in a young girl's face.
Dear ___ ,

I returned to reread your tirade against the charedi sector. Why is it, I asked myself, secular Jews, more than their religious peers, tend to adopt "liberal", or leftist, positions, especially vis-a-vis Israel. For example, taking for granted Israel's current awkward jurisdiction over "West Bank" issues, which they unquestionably support. Or, for example, disregarding the plight of Jonathan Pollard because it is a "sensitive" issue for Jews to get involved with. Or, as in this case, one idiot's behavior, used to mudsling at the religious element, as leftists in Israel all too often are just too happy to oblige to.

The answer, I believe, lies in your accredited sources of information.

In American media, for example, the "Palestinians" (a name conjured up in 1967) always get more than a fair share of "concern" for their welfare, let alone their vile hatred for anything Jewish. In Israel, the religious element is ceaselessly vilified in the media. (Only 2 years ago could a "religious channel" finally materialize.)

Religious Jews are, first and foremost, brought up with Torah and its commentaries as a backdrop to the ensuing theater of life. Secular Jews, in contrast, rely on the prevalent media.

This, I believe, is the Achilles heel of secularists; For one simple reason, and that is, because media sources can be bought out and used to promote propaganda!

For example, if a weed in your back lawn could cure cancer, the medical establishment, closely aligned and kept in check by "big-pharma", will never allow any respectable medical journal to publish this finding for it would severely cut into their profit from pushing patentable drugs. Were a journal to publish such an article, its revenue for ads would suddenly dry up because big-pharma's ads are what feeds and sustains this medium.

You tell us right from your article's beginning what your creditable source of information is: the New York Times - the very publication that couldn't see fit to highlight the atrocities done to Jews in WWII; The very one that whitewashes Hamas terrorists as "fighters"; etc. You get my point.

Similarly, when it comes to Torah thoughts, your first sources would probably be your college texts, or books originally written in English, rather than the traditional Jewish literature handed down over the millennia quoting nothing but our sages.

Anyhow - may we all merit God's mercy and finally become a united people, drawing infinite blessings. If you read up to here, thanks for listening.

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  1. the lack of unity and the self hatred among Jews kills me my friend..ONE day..lets pray its Am Echad Lev to you always !