Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Psychology of Islam

This recent story appeared on Fox News: A Saudi couple tortured their Sri Lankan maid after she complained of a too heavy workload by hammering 24 nails into her hands, legs and forehead.

If you believe this cruel behavior came in reaction to her complaint, you’re mistaking. Much more likely, they overworked her, knowing full well she’d complain, so they could torture her. They pre-planned it that way.

Here’s another story: A 30-year-old suspect shot his 23-year-old pregnant sister ... four times in the head and other parts of her body ..., while she was attending the wedding of another brother.

Would not one bullet in the head or heart have done the trick? Why riddle her body with bullets? Why during a happy wedding? Could he not wait until she delivered?

Such savage behavioral fingerprints typify the Yishmael character.

The Torah first describes Yishmael (Gen. 16, 12) as, “He will be a human-resembling wildness.

The Torah's wording is unique. To my knowledge, it’s probably the only noun-adjective pair Torah reverses, making the two words appear incorrectly inverted. For in Hebrew (unlike English) - the noun always precedes its adjective. The “right” way to say it would have been, “אדם פרא”. Instead, it reads, “פרא אדם”.

Although translation of this word pair from Hebrew to English is awkward, this would be it: Instead of reading, “He will be a wild human”, it reads, “He will be a human-resembling wildness”.

But G-d makes no mistakes. This switchover cannot be dismissed. In fact, reversal of grammatical syntax here is surprisingly enlightening. The noun indicates the essence of this creature's character. First and foremost, Yishmael is a "wildness". This is his core. Wildness is in his marrow. Thus the noun "wildness". And to describe this wildness, G-d applies the adjective‚ "human-like", that is to say, resembling a man.

Let not the reverse-grammar lesson escape you. It tells us Yishmael looks like a man and behaves like a man. That is, he talks like a man, smiles like a man and reasons like a man. But don't be fooled, because - he is not a man. He is a perfect copy of a man; A unique species of wildness that resembles man.

He may behave appropriately and pretend to be your friend, even for many years at a time, but at an opportune time he can comfortably stab you in the back. Such is the essence that defines Yishmael‚ the wildness. Take G-d’s word for it. This beast-specific trait his descendants inherit from him. (I haven't found a commentary's explanation of this noun-adjective word swap; It's my own take of it.)

How do these wild creatures behave? Torah tells us in the very same verse: "And his hand will be against everyone, and everyone will be against him". In other words, Yishmael's breed plunders and kills, spurring victims and potential victims to rise against him in revenge or self-preservation. His aggression is against everyone, including his own kind (e.g. treating their women like they do their goats).

Imagine you live in the quiet countryside. Then, acres away but still neighbors, Muslims inhabit some territory. No more can you find comfort and reliance on the silence or sounds of nature, because prowlers, those who innately bear the thief's imprint, are now roaming around you.

We've all heard of murders committed in "cold blood". But now, more and more, we hear about murders committed in "hot blood". This is the work of these wild ancestors. What difference is there between cold-blooded and hot-blooded murders? He who kills in "hot blood" first tortures his victim. The more agony he renders the more pleasure the Yishmaelite gets. Does his victim's death satisfy his passion? No. Murder for him is foreplay. He might proceed to beat the corpse, disembowel it, burn it or drag the body around, even remove a juicy piece of liver to knead it or sink his teeth into. One bullet to the head or a stab through the heart is never enough for his pleasure. Necrophiliac exultation and indulgence finally brings him relief.

Only Yishmaelites behaves like this. This ancestor, whoever he may be (for not all Islamists stem from Yishmael), can thus be identified.

Islam is a religion of death. Yishmael's is a morbid culture. An imam in Iran recently proclaimed that teaching music is foreign to their culture. On their holiest day they unsheathe their blades and whips - to draw blood. The more blood, the more gory the spectacle, the holier they feel. Their priests and sanctuaries serve as primary promoters of terror. There's no such thing as a "moderate" Yishmaelite.

Their lust for blood generalizes to other wild desires. One virgin's blood is not enough. He lusts for 72 of them. He wants to bathe in blood. This insane passion can drive him even to self-explode in the belief he'll satisfy his foul lust.

Look around, do they have a sense of nobility? Have they any paragons of virtue to emulate? Give them a little room to grow and they'll inculcate their children to hate, kill and die for “Allah”.

Their politics follow suit. They naturally lie and cheat - with a smile. They always seek to rob or destroy. If they breathe, they lie. This enemy you overcome only by obliterating or overwhelming him. For the more favor he accrues, the more kindness offered him, the greater he bloats with conceit and inflates with arrogance and greed (Alter Rebbe, Igeret Hakodesh, 2). As an underdog, he cowers in compliance. We must not allow his brow to rise, for the more it does the more he inflates with craze to dominate and violate. Pacify him and he will take you for a fool.

Many English words derive from Biblical Hebrew. The term we referred to above provides an example. The Hebrew word "Pereh" ("wildness") that defines Yishmael may well be the source of the English word "prey", as in "to prey on humans". Does not the verse describe him as - "always having his hands in everybody's affairs", plundering, torturing and killing them, for which their targets reciprocate in retaliation?

UPDATE: Earlier I had here included some links as evidence to this species' subhuman cruelty. But the analysis should be enough, on its own, to support its plausibility. I removed the links (of immolation, torture, etc.) because I do not want to ruin somebody's week on account of it.

UPDATE: Here's a really fine article about how Muslims and their "livelihoods" affected the early years of these United States, and how Jefferson managed to overcome the Muslim menace.


  1. Thanks! I live in UK but literally have "hezbo" supporters living next door: white and gay but rabid muzzie lovers!

  2. You can see how mentally disturbed your neighboring hezbos lovers are - they support the very people who would, in an instance, behead them for their homosexual habit. Goes to show you how enmity of Jews can so twist the psyche.

    Your neighbors are, therefore, perverted, insane, and hateful of good people.

  3. I could also have attached much more evidence, but it would ruin your week. If you trust this analysis, you won't need more evidence to appreciate its plausibility.

  4. I've also thought that cold blooded murderer doesn't need any personal connection to the victim. Just enjoys the brutality and blood, no feelings, no anger, just barbarity.