Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Google Nightmare

Google lures millions of users to its free email accounts, always offering more free adjunct services to expand its widening base.

Given Google's bias aligns with leftist agendas, as when they expose sensitive Israeli military locations, as when they contribute big bucks to homosexual organizations, or when they unmistakenly make a "mistake" to change the target of an address they want people should not see, you know there's hanky-panky going on in their boardrooms.

Take their most recent outrageous deception. Someone who searched for Lincoln Memorial this weekend, when conservative Glenn Beck organized a huge rally in Washington, something liberals detest, ended up viewing the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial instead. (See story here.) A small technical glitch, right? They didn't want people to either see or know how to get to this meeting place.

Given their liberal persuasion, the "It cannot happen over here" scenario can very well happen, here in America, in an instant. This "Emergency Control of the Internet" bill Hussein Obuma wants to pass (in a hurry of course), to give him free reign over the internet - could play itself out one quick day - something like this:

The sinister White House regime, under the guise of some arbitrary cause, will suddenly decide to suspend Gmail, to seize and "investigate" email accounts. Google's Gmail of course has all the passwords. All personal access to your "free" email accounts will be temporarily frozen. And who knows what other key data individuals store in their Google accounts, such as in contact lists, filters, settings, chat histories, spreadsheets, documents, shared data, etc.

This frightening scenario could even sprout on foreign soil. Who is so bold as to think Arab money would not finance such a splendid opportunity to "jeehad" America?

The "Palestinians" or Iranians, or some other sheikh assembly, contemporary counterparts of the historical Phillistines, seek to cut off Sampson's hair as this giant slumbers. And when America wakes up - it may well be too late! Delilah, co-conspirator of the biblical tale, shared Sampson's residence; She was working to destroy - from within; Then she divulged his secret.

Here in America we also have an evil force working to destroy her - from within. (E.g., Obuma's putting out ads to attract workers willing to fish out dissenters; See On Facebook, MySpace? Obama's got your e-mail). It would not take too much for another huge "liberal" proponent, of which there are unfortunately many, to commingle with and join this conspiracy.

Like a silent constrictor, silently coiling around us to suffocate us, as we continue to think positively and take little heed ... zzz ... zzz ....

UPDATE (11/12/10): "Watchdog wants probe of Google's 'unusually close' ties to Obama" (Link)
UPDATE (12/21/10): "FCC Gives Government Power to Regulate the Web" (Link)

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