Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Veil of Nature

Everything - all that is and all that happens - is a miracle. We just don't see it as such, nor appreciate the experience for what it is, because we grew accustomed to it. We take things for granted. It all appears "natural".

Take wheat, for example. We get bread from the earth. Were bread to fall from heaven, like rain - now that we'd think is a miracle. But wheat coming up from the soil - well, that's just "Nature".

If a man with 3 eyes would walk past you, you'd gawk. But a 2-eyed man, well that's "natural"; There's nothing unusual about that.

Nature, however, is but a veil to hide G-d. (See "Hide & Seek - Not Just for Kids"). By virtue of its constancy, its unchanging monotony,
G-d has created a means by which to hide Himself.

The flawless constancy of Nature - this very feature is the perfect means by which G-d successfully hides Himself. It gives the mind the illusion as if these phenomena have a life of their own - their own perpetual, non-faltering mechanism that drives them, with their own timings and their own rules.

If Nature's veil were to become transparent, it would be clear G-d runs the universe. As long as we remain in the present Era of Exile, this illusion will prevail. The future Era of Redemption will render things differently to our senses. Perhaps a 5th dimension, or the sequestered light from Day 1 of creation, will illuminate things for us - but, however it will happen, we'll sense tangibly the divine truth behind what until then has been concealed from us.

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