Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Planned Parenthood & Pro-Choice
- The Right Way and the Wrong Way

The wisest Jew that ever lived, King Solomon, wrote (Proverbs 3, 29), "Don't plot against your friend while he places trust in you." Accordingly, Maimonides rules in his book on Jewish Law, "A man must not marry a woman if he intends to abandon her." In Judaic law, the physical act itself between man and woman consummates their marriage. The custom for a canopy ritual has been propagated, nevertheless, to discourage reckless behavior.

Planned parenthood in Judaic terms takes its cue from such reasoning. In other words, planned parenthood begins before conception, and most certainly well before childbirth. In fact, as we saw, planned parenting begins before the union of man and woman. The reproductive act demands responsibility on the part of both parties. This is when the planning must begin.

Leaving the "planning" for a later stage in effect rips away this act's accountability from its proper place. As soon as the original act is removed from relevancy, thereby separating cause from effect, any "planning" from this point forward can no longer be responsibly done, because it's unfair to the baby. Irresponsibility breeds irresponsibility.

Often the term "Planned Parenthood" serves to rationalize away a life; To kill a fetus whose subsequent entry into the world imposes upon the composure of an immature woman who finds herself with an unwanted pregnancy, or of an immature man who recklessly pursued lust without considering or caring for its consequences. This cheap use of the term "planned parenthood", where they turn the act of love into an inconsequential factor, thereby flippantly releasing themselves of responsibility to be held accountable for this act - is not what is meant here. Promoters of such carefree standards cannot themselves be trusted for responsible reasoning. Two people behaved in a way to create a 3rd, and now the 3rd is discounted. The act of procreation is trivialized and brushed off as a worthless whim. Life for these people holds no sanctity.

Like the child who brags, "I'm very smart", this latter group calls themselves by the euphemistic term "Planned Parenthood". But this "parenthood" has nothing to do with responsible actions. They often lobby government to promote "Pro-Choice" legislation. Here too they stick to their immature ways.

Woe to the young woman who falls for the "sympathy" of these promoters, for they only support their own agendas and care nothing for the young woman in distress.

What should we advise young women? They need to thoroughly understand the semantics involved. Then they can intelligently separate ethics from politics.

We should tell young women to be pro-choice. Because it's important to make the right choice! And once they make the right choice, they must be committed to it. The choice must be a responsible one, because she must decide between temporary lust versus the potential birth of a baby 9 months later. If she chose temporary lust and overlooked the responsibility of a pregnancy, she'll need to decide in whose hands to offer the little human being - but G-d forbid she should kill the viable life. This fetus mustn't be sacrificed for the sake of a few moments of lust in a passing frenzy of heat.

She should be told, "Be pro-choice. But think hard before you make your choice. Choose to behave as husband and wife would, or, especially if you're still unmarried, wait until you are married. The latter choice is smart and mature, comes with all the advantages and - avoids murder.

"An abortion is murder to cover for an irresponsible choice. Proponents of abortion tell you 'It's your body and you can do what you want with it', they're telling you to behave irresponsibly. Why do they want that? These are irresponsible people themselves who find comfort among others who behave irresponsibly. The more people they persuade to behave irresponsibly, the less their own irresponsibility stands out. When they say you should have 'freedom' to do what you want with your body, they purposely ignore mention of the act that made you pregnant, because that act, as far as they're concerned, should have nothing to do with what happens later. The 'free choice' for you to make then, according to them, is to act irresponsibly - to act carefree of responsible choice. They like to promote promiscuity and spurn a marriage partnership.

"If you still believe those who want you to go ahead with an abortion are intelligent people of integrity, at least discuss with them the responsibility that comes with making that choice; Ask them about the few moments of lust and whether the trade off is worth the life of a newborn baby. Listen closely and see how little they value morality. Their only emotional attachment to sacrificing your baby is their own political views - which really has nothing to do with you."


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    "The wisest Jew that ever lived, King Solomon, ..."

    The good rabbi Jesus Christ might qualify as wiser Jew. The odds are 50/50. ;)

    The choice to have an abortion has to be solely between the woman and her doctor. Only a fool would rush in where angels fear to tread.

    Ema Nymton

  2. Ema writes, "The choice to have an abortion has to be solely between the woman and her doctor."

    It certainly does not! They have no right to murder a viable fetus. You should be ashamed of yourself for this heartless, outright stupid suggestion.

    The choice was hers to make long before that "doctor" came onto the scene. And let's not forget the father's responsibility to that little human being.

    You want to bring in someone else into the deliberation, besides the father and mother? Then bring in the word of G-d.

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    "You want to bring in someone else into the deliberation, besides the father and mother? Then bring in the word of G-d."

    No; _you_ want to bring your idea of god the discussion. I'd never have the nerve to try to say I spoke for god. I do know I do not know what god wants.

    Too many are trying to tell others how to live and what to do. Trust people to do the right thing for themselves.

    Ema Nymton