Thursday, September 02, 2010

At the Threshold of Israel's Final Redemption; II

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, in "Peulat HaTzaddik", section 835, describes the events leading to the revelation of Moshiach:

At first, he says, "Much controversy will prevail over his identity". People will say, "What, this is Moshiach?" They'll scorn by saying, "What, he who wears this kind of hat, this outfit; That's your Moshiach?"

In section 834 he provides the backdrop of these times. It will be a time wherein most Jews will know nothing of or disbelieve in Moshiach. He gives the metaphor where a king, donning only hunting clothes, goes hunting with some officers. A huge downpour then deluges their area and everyone, bewildered, runs to save his own life. The king, left stranded on his own, finally finds his way to a secluded house. He requests refuge from the elements. The host kindly takes him in, offers him food and a place next to the stove where his guest can dry up, warm himself up and sleep for the night. Near morning the king's officers find each other and begin their search for the king. Finally they come to the house where the king is still sleeping. They wait there until the king arises.

Once awake, they offer the king escort back to the palace. The king chastises them for having left him alone against the elements, and refuses their offer. Because his host took such good care of him, he prefers the host escort him alone back to the palace, in the hosts's own buggy, and sends off his officers to go back without him.

Similary, says Rabbi Nachman, will be in the days when Moshiach reveals himself. Those who held firm their belief in him, and did not abandon him - they shall be the first to enjoy his closeness and merit to crown him.

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