Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Vicious Oligarchy - Now In Full Throttle

We live in a very dangerous time. They have successfully invaded our system and planted at its summit a willing marionette. A fascist mole sits in the White House.

They've had their moles there before, but until now would not allow them to let loose with arrogant, wanton disregard.

As soon as this mole took office, he began to ransack the political system, the capitalistic economy and to ransack the Constitution.

They have done their homework in preparation for this wreckage. By now, most of the TV and print media are in their pockets. They resorted to election fraud in case the numbers were near equal. They made sure important documents that would reveal the mole to be an illegitimate presidential candidate be blocked.

This isn't a sudden appearance of theirs. For over 50 years they worked gradually. They play for very high stakes against those standing in their way. They killed Kennedy, and tried to kill Reagan. They are well entrenched. Over the years they've filled the most important positions, like the presidency (e.g., Clinton, Bush), and State Department (e.g., Colin Powell, Henry Kissinger) with their own.

Now are dark times. The 5th column is quickly emptying out of the belly of the Trojan Horse, with not many noticing. Their footsteps were stealthy for over 50 years, but now, they feel, is the time to emerge and attack.

So now they're switched into high gear. Once in office, they freed the Islamic terrorists, closed down the Guantanamo jail, pardoned the Black Panthers who stood with billy clubs at election stations, saved the lives of Somali pirates (who derive millions from extortion), blocked major national billboard advertisers from ads that would press the illegitimacy issue, violated Constitutional law by firing an Inspector General, etc. etc.

Who are these faceless puppeteers? They are loyal to no single nation. They are globalists, who want a New World Order; A new global feudal system. They thrive on chaos, so chaos is their mode of operation. They will quell chaos as they see fit, while spitting in the face of Constitutional format. They pull strings remotely. They own the Federal Reserve and the World Bank. They have enough money to bribe anybody who is bribable, and unfortunately many in this nation and abroad have little moral backbone to resist. Overnight they can buy Google and Gmail, like I buy chewing gum, to enhance their surveillance of "resistance". The media will characterize these resisters slanderously, to isolate them and shut them up.

The mole is a liar. But most people won't know it because he's sleazy. And because the media cover for him. Nor will the media report any event, no matter how earthshaking, that would bring the mole adverse publicity.

They want Iran to go nuclear. They want North Korea to go nuclear. They want dictatorships to reign. They want a perilous world where war will erupt and they take the reins. They want to undermine Israel (e.g., the U.N. uses high tech anti-bugging equipment to catch Israeli spies in Lebanon).

They're wasting no time. They're moving fast with their agenda. They have 4 years to steamroll America. They may not rely on another election to turn back the "progress". They're now out of the gate - for all to see. They won't tolerate opposition. For the first 100 days they toyed with charachter assassination. Just as easily they can resort to murder.

The conspicuous few who understand what's at stake and speak up in protest, like the good people of conservative talk-radio such as Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Savage, Ingraham, Steyn, to name a few, may G-d protect them and keep them safe.

There is a silver lining to this story. This horrific context now unfolding, what with nuclear proliferation among despots no less, is the backdrop for Moshiach's soon-to-be revelation to usher in the Ultimate Era of Redemption.

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