Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bibi Netanyahu - Speaks with a Forked Tongue

Some would have you think Netanyahu is good for Israel.
I think he stinks, and here's why:

If you're not familiar with this weekly Israeli news flyer, trust me you'll enjoy it - unless you're a leftist Jew (and G-d knows there are too many such thorns in our side), or, if you judge by rhetoric or emotionalism rather than by actions taken.

Netanyahu, as of today, continues to tear down Israeli settlements in Yehudah & Shomron, while saying he wants settlements to be built. He's the first Israeli PM to sanction a "Palestinian state" on holy soil. He says that this so-called state should be demilitarized, but - as of this moment, he's arming them with heavy weapons, wanting to furnish 10 Palestinian divisions with armor, as opposed to the present three. He's still giving them money, letting them build illegally, while forbidding Jews to build "illegally". He makes a "tough" stand, but really he's just Obuma's stool pigeon.

Netanyahu Declares War on G-d

In last week's Torah portion, "Shlach", we read (in Numbers 14,9) where Kalev and Yehoshua try to convince the Jews against the claims of the other, ten spies. The latter, upon returning from spying Israel, reported that Israel was unconquerable, when in fact conquering the Land of Israel was a main purpose of their redemption from Egypt and subsequent desert journey. After the 10 spies gave their report, these two said, "But don't rebel against G-d!".

Well, if speaking slanderously against G-d's land is, as Torah asserts, a rebellion against G-d, then how much more so is it rebellious to imply a portion of the Holy Land, that G-d gave the Jews, should be removed from Jewish possession. Let alone handing it to Israel's worst enemies!

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