Thursday, June 11, 2009

George Will Dices Obuma's Israeli Position

Here's what George Will had to say about Obuma's speech in Cairo:


And here are a few facts about Israel, the so-called "Palestinian plight" and about the ever rotten U.N. "peacekeepers":
1) Israel became a nation in the year 1312 BC, 2,000 years before Islam was established.
2) Arab refugees in Israel began their identity as "Palestinians" in 1967, two decades after the establishment of modern Israel.
3) After regaining control of the Land of Israel in 1272 BC, by King David, the Jews ruled the land for 1,000 years, and they held a continuous presence in that land for 3,300 years.
4) Only once Arabs controlled this land, from its conquest in 635 BC, and it lasted only 22 years.
5) For more than 3,300 years Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel. Jerusalem never was the capital of any Arab or Moslem entity. Even the Joradians, when they conquered Jerusalem, did not make it a capital, nor did Arab leaders visit it.
6) Jerusalem is mentioned in The Holy Bible over 700 times, but not even once in the Koran.
7) King David established the city of Jerusalem; Mohammed never stepped foot therein.
8) Jews face Jerusalem when they pray; Arabs pray towards Mecca.
9) In 1948, Arab leaders encouraged Israel's Arabs to vacate the land, to avoid "collateral damage", while they "purify" it by eliminating all its Jewish inhabitants. 68% of these Israeli Arabs abandoned their homes - before they ever set eyes on an Israeli soldier.
10) Jewish refugees from Arab lands fled because of oppression and progroms perpetrated by Arabs.
11) The number of Arabs that left Israel in 1948 was about 630,000; About the same number of Jewish refugees from Arab lands.
12) Arab refugees were purposely refused absorption, despite enormous territorial availibility. Of the 100,000,000 refugees in the world since WWII, these Arab refugees are the only group that was not absorbed. In contrast, all Jewish refugees were absorbed into Israel, which is smaller than the state of New Jersey.
13) Arabs have 8 nations; Jews have one.
14) The "Palestinian" platform still calls for the annihilation of Israel, despite having been given the Gaza Strip, most of the West Bank, autonomy under the PLO Authority, and Israeli armaments.
15) During the period of Jordanian Rule: Jewish holy sites were desecrated and made off-limits to Jews. During Jewish rule: All Moslem and Christian sites were preserved and made accessible to their respective religious adherents.

The House of G-d ...................... The House of the Devil

16) The U.N. remained silent when the ancient Jewish cemetery on Mount Olives was desecrated.
17) The U.N. remained silent when Jews were forbidden to reach The Western Wall.
18) And today the good U.N., that organization that would serve as the offices of the global socialists, has this new anti-Israel service in the works: They help arrest Israeli spies in Lebanon.

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