Thursday, June 04, 2009

PEACE NOW = Tear Israel Up, Piece by Piece

The Israeli leftist group, euphemistically named "Peace Now", has over the years tried to dismantle the little Jewish nation and confiscate the Holy Land from its rightful owners, piece by piece.

Here's an article at sos-israel (.com) that reveals more about them:
Peace Now - A Dangerous Spy Ring

This week Peace Now publicized a "report"- actually a collection of claims- against the outposts. They have a specific agenda: to undermine the settlement infrastructure in Yesha, and assist the enemy. This is in addition to their tipping off the American government against Israel.

It is a secret no longer that Peace Now and other leftist groups fighting against the settlements are funded by other countries. We are honored to present an excerpt from the Lubavitcher Rebbe's discourse on Shabbos Parshas Shlach, 5740. The Rebbe compared the shady dealings of the Peace Now movement and their likes, to the spies in the desert. (The discourse is loosely translated).

"The claim of Peace Now is exactly the same as the spies' claim in their time," the people that dwell in the land are fierce", and therefore one mustn't conquer and settle Eretz Yisroel! Peace Now claim now: the Arabs are stronger than the Jews, therefore we must cede the land to them.

"Since 60,000 Arabs live in Yerushalayim, they are much more powerful than the Jews that live there- 'for they are stronger than we', therefore Jews should not be allowed to live there. And those that already live there- should be forcibly sent away. And we have to give up the Old City of Yerushalyim, including Har HaBayis and the Kodesh Hakodoshim to the Arabs!

"These claims are an exact translation of the spies' claims in their times! And just as then they saw the dangers that the spies caused to the Jews, so are the Peace Now the destroyers and those who ruin of the Jewish nation and Eretz Yisroel, Rachmana litzlan (may Hashem save us). And although they are shouting 'Peace Now', it has already been said : ' There is no peace, saith my G-d concerning the wicked'. Since all know what the PLO's intentions are, as they have confirmed this again just recently, that their ultimate intention is to eliminate all the Jews from the entire Eretz Yisroel!

" And even when they concede, on the condition that they sign a paper that they are making peace –for the time being- not only does it not help, but it brings actual danger upon the Jews."

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