Thursday, February 20, 2014

White-Coated Drug-Pushers

If you believe fluoride is good for teeth, you have no idea how powerful a poison fluoride really is. (Just look at the handling procedures when it arrives at a laboratory, or somewhere.) If you know it's poisonous and still believe it's good for your teeth, then you have no good research to back up your belief; And the only thing you rely on are people who tell you so in white coats. You take them for their word.

Today's promoters of this poison are the very same lot who told you no more than three decades ago that cigarettes can do you no harm. The same promoters in the same white coats. They are the same ones who sold pregnant women pills (Thalidamide) for "morning sickness"; Or those who pushed free samples upon menopausal women of the "diet pill" Ambrin; These are the same who today persuade to sell you on Ritelin to calm your children down. The same ones who now want to push lifelong "treatment" of hyperactivity in children give this children's "disorder" (they can't come out and say it's a "disease", or even an "illness", can they?) a diagnosis that bears a professional-sounding name, the better to dumb down the public.

And of course if you're depressed, you should take an "anti-depressant" (as in "pro-zombie") drug, like Paxil, which now they find can promote breast cancer.

This same abuse of human intelligence, and particularly human health, occurs, although to a lesser extent, in Israel too. After all, the desire to mimic the United States still has plenty of adherents.

Anyhow, if you continue to believe this fluoride scam, you are quite ignorant, at best, probably just naive of the deep-rooted drug-pushing culture that pervades the money-making medical/pharmaceutical industry, or a fool, at worst! Or  you can't be bothered, or you just don't think a little bit of fluoride every day can hurt you. I hope you're right.

Make at least a small stand against this abuse of knowledge and help break this mafia-controlled pharmaceutical, vertical industry, which starts with the university curriculum, and ends with selling drugs at the pharmacy and "treating" hospital patients. (It's difficult because they have representatives fronting for them as "concerned politicians" in the highest governmental positions, let alone all along the entire income landscape.) Find a toothpaste devoid of harmful products - and, given the market saturation with fluoride-ridden stuff, that's not so easy. Even some brands that used to be fluoride-free buckled to make a buck. The one I found is really fine (Nature's Gate), and I hope they hang on with their wonderful product.  The extra amount you'll then pay for toothpaste chalk up to an extra ounce of prevention.

(I wrote about this danger before, here, here and here.)
(Overview of medical perspective - here, "The Zebra and the Horse".)

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