Thursday, February 06, 2014

The Process of Redemption

At the start of a show, once the curtains swing aside, the stage props set the opening scene. But, had you pushed aside the curtain as you entered the Era of Redemption, you'd have seen no differences beyond the curtain; All theatrical properties before and beyond that threshold did not change.

We enter into the Era of Redemption by entering a new ethereal atmosphere. The change beckons for a new spiritual mindset, rather than material change. The Rebbe said we are into the Era of Redemption. Yet we see nothing we might imagine that would characterize that era. We only have the words of the Leader of the Generation to rely on. Instead of radiance, we find ourselves in a thick, dark cloud. It could easily fool anyone that we are, in fact, operating inside of the Era of Redemption.

Only later, as we traverse deeper and deeper, the cloud will dissipate and give way to the brilliance of Moshiach's era. Later, if were we to recall that initial darkness, in hindsight, we'll of course notice there really never was any "dark" element in the first place. That wrong impression duly derived from many years under an exile mentality.

Entering the Era of Redemption is a process! It takes years to watch and learn about. Why learn? Because this opening period insists to fleshy eyes the world remains steeped in evil. Only our faith and trust in the Rebbe strengthens us to think against the grain. He told us to "open our eyes"! He told us darkness only serves as a cover; In and of itself darkness cannot change the underlying good. If we adopt the Rebbe's views, we begin noticing resplendent lights here and there from cracks in the dark facade. We begin to tangibly sense Moshiach's times. We can then appreciate this unique perspective that otherwise would go unnoticed. With a new mind's eye we can make out, by connecting the dots of these sparse radiant points, the entire underlying Messianic mosaic that will soon enough manifest in awesome brilliance.

How do we remove this initial "darkness"? We need understand how the forces of evil, during the Era of Redemption, get their fuel.

Does Torah or Torah-learning fuel these apparent anti-Messianic features? Of course not.

This fuel comes from a holy source - to be sure - but it is the MISUSE of a holy source that provides the fuel to prop up the anti-Messianic dynamic. Jews themselves are the source for this provision of fuel. Jews who waste their time obsessed on politics or agnostic science provide, unwittingly, for this "energy" to channel into the wrong avenues.

A small anecdote will illustrate this. Suppose two Jews meet. One says to the other, "Did you hear; Hezbullah now has in its arsenal over 170,000 rockets?" He wants to discuss its juicy repercussions. Says the other, "Who cares! Let's go learn Torah. I'd rather do that than discuss Hezbullah."

The first guy wanted to discuss "Hezbullah"and thereby would have fed this latter group the powers it needs to continue its unholy agenda. Jews have that power, to divert their energies, that derive from holiness, and route it to source or feed darkness. The 2nd guy, preserved those energies and channeled them appropriately. He prevented evil forces from receiving fuel by Jewish proxy. If all Jews behave like the second guy, Hezbullah would starve into oblivion!

Now that we're in Moshiach's Era, now that all "sparks of holiness" have been liberated, now that all Jews have in effect done tshuvah, it is worth repeating - we Jews energize evil to subsist - with our own energies. We, and only we, have the power to boost the world to its ultimate phase - by eliminating concern for evil. It will go away on its own if we Jews do our part in trusting Hashem and trusting in the Leader of the Generation. Not for naught does Torah tell us,
"ויאמינו  בה‫'‬  ובמשה  עבדו" (Ex. 14:31).

The Rebbe taught that our concern for anti-Torah issues - in and of itself - provides the holy energy these dark forces live on. They have no source of life-energy of their own! They rely for  their existence on wayward Jewish preoccupation with this darkness -  by Jews reading it, discussing it, and Jews giving it the time of day.

The 3 forces of evil, which encompass all "dark" behavior, live off of our own preoccupation with political or economic concerns. Anti-Israel forces have their source in our own behavior. We supply these negative forces with their lifeblood. Were we to IGNORE the threats by, in same measure, preoccupy ourselves with Torah and halachah, these forces would evaporate.

Every Jew can accelerate exposure of the Messianic Era with new commitments to Hashem and learning Torah. We need also muster a new level of trust in Hashem's servant's words, the words of Moshiach, words of the Moses of our Generation!

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