Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hollow Political Aspirations

Blogs are all agog over "Bibi"; Will Bibi do this, will Bibi do that, ....

The Rebbe many years ago warned us not to “even speak of” autonomy, because such talk, in and of itself, yields hurtful results. Our Erev Rav kept talking nevertheless. (See definition of Erev Rav here, according to the Previous Rebbe.)

Now – they’re even bringing up the division of Jerusalem as an issue, you see, inside of a neighboring state, a “Palestinian” state, one that must remain entirely devoid of Jewish presence - "Judenrein".

Now I ask you – and this after a series of generous offers and miraculous failures (miraculous because THE ENEMY REFUSED), the last of which was the “Gush Katif” calamity –  do you still put faith in political “leaders”? Do you not see the barren hope placed in these “leaders”? When will people finally realize the only solution to our grief during exile is none other than a King Moshiach solution?

How much more must we be pressed into a corner before the obvious will scream at us? We want Moshiach now!

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