Thursday, February 06, 2014

The Borders of Israel (and Syria)

United Nations' "Isaiah Wall"
Why Mexicans speak Spanish is quite simple; Back when Empires existed, might made right; Spaniards with their weapons sailed abroad to stake out claims on foreign soil, to call it their own. The same goes for all countries of South America, bar some conquered by Portugal or other prevalent forces.

In other words, originally all South American natives never spoke, and probably never heard of, "Spanish".

The world as we know it today has a different mindset. Even huge powers such as Russia and China had inwardly changed or succumbed to the point where suddenly the concept of BORDERS receives instinctive sanction. Something about "might makes right" deteriorated as a justification for intruding upon others.

Borders once were understood to be fluid; They defined provinces subject to or owned by its current ruler. Whereas today, many borders have a life of their own, going from generation to generation instead of being fragmented by warring parties.

That's not to say orgies of horror against neighbors vanished. Far from it. We can watch daily the beastly nature one human being has for his brother of the same lunatic religion, and their delight in the other's torture. Humans, rats and knats - it makes no difference. This spectacle is so vile, the observer can hardly watch a moment before nausea erupts. And all in the name of some god who lusts for human death.

In Syria, for example, its BORDERS now merely satisfy as a conceptual definition, with no civil pragmatism to it, because the powers that invade this land are many, all bad and vicious.

I never really understood why Mexicans or other South Americans take such pride in identifying so closely with "their" language, Spanish. After all, it is a language (and culture) thrust upon them during a conquest, and now, generations later, after all history is forgotten, Spanish still holds a loyal following.

Anyhow, borders today are rather firm in most decent civilizations, and this change - is nothing more than a sign of the times we live in, in preparation for the time when the borders of Eretz Yisrael will be delineated by King Moshiach, whose name is Menachem, as they had been established in Torah over 3 millennia ago.

The United Nations organization, a body whose premise rests on BORDERS, was not built in Washington, D.C.! It was built in New York City where Moshiach made his home. The real reason for this venue escaped the minds of its original federation heads, but, we know their souls were simply knudged in that direction by God. The Rebbe told us so. The U.N.'s "Isaiah Wall" has engraved on it a verse from Isaiah (2:4). That reference relates directly to the Era of Redemption. The building went up about the same time as the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach was taking over the reigns of this generation's Leadership. The Rebbe told us so (Shabbos Mishpatim, 5752).

The United Nations sprung up as a construct during the World War II inferno. It sprouted as a way to prepare the world for a new order, sprouting out during the birth pangs of Moshiach. Back then, the Previous Rebbe already characterized that era as "the birth pangs of Moshiach" and today - that Messianic scenario rushes full-steam forward in unfolding.


  1. It's not simply 'spanish', it's something related with Sefarad. Perhaps a Kabbalistic concept related with the redemption.

  2. Samech, Peh, Resh, Dalet= Sefarad=Pardes=Paradise
    Just like Jerusalem and Eretz Israel will expand in the near future, Sefarad expanded in the past. Spain and Portugal were a Paradise for jews (Zohar firstly published here, Rambam "Ha Sephardit" born here) and we were expeled like Adam Harishon, expiration date of the Edict of Granada? Just the day before Columbus departed from Palos' port (Andalousia) to discover America. Ladino=jewish spanish lasted 500 years after that till the Shoah.
    That's why they use the spanish langue beside the indigeans ones.
    Just an idea.