Sunday, September 11, 2011

What the Rebbe Thought during the Riots

Twenty years ago, 3 days of riots unnerved the Jewish community of Crown Heights, when Jews feared to leave their homes because police stood by as blacks rioted in the streets yelling "Death to the Jews". One Jew, Yankel Rosenbaum, tragically lost his life when 16-year old Lemrick Nelson, Jr stabbed him in the back.

The Rebbe delivered a talk on the 3rd day of the pogrom. What did the Rebbe speak about; What did the Rebbe have on his mind? On the 11th of Elul, 5751, the Rebbe quoted the Ba'al Haturim, who says (on verse Ex. 19:6) that in the future all Jews will become elevated to the status of "Kohen Gadol", the High Priest. The Rebbe elaborated on the implications of this statement; He said that in the near future all Jews will be permitted to enter the inner sanctum - the Holy of Holies chamber inside the Temple during Yom Kippur. Of course this will have to be accompanied by bringing special sacrifices for the occasion.

A better question would be, when did the Rebbe NOT have Moshiach in mind.

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