Wednesday, September 07, 2011

How to React to the Rubble of Migron

Israel's army pulled off a bold move in response to international pressure on Israel, thereby relieving the tension with superb action. The chokehold she felt around her neck, placed by America, Europe and Turkey, slackened and gave her much more breathing room with this brilliant, well-planned move. Even the PA could only gawk at this display of heroism.

One midnight last week, when the stars fooled people into sleeping, but lit the path for stealth soldiers, the platoon managed to sneak up on dormant clowns fool enough to build houses on what they were suckered into believing was Jewish territory.

In a matter of minutes, they chased the clowns from their beds, demolished the 3 houses in Migron, and felt happy for their stellar performance.

It's hard to laugh at such tragedy, at the incessant oppression of Jews who want to make Israel their homeland. It's hard not to admire the steel will of these Jews who are determined to scorn the wails of Jew-hating foreigners and those in power who seek to quiet and soothe them. So many others in Israel, unfortunately, cling to the media-driven belief that Israel "needs" to cultivate foreign goodwill and therefore submit to foreign demands.

These Jews in power and their media supporters look at Torah with disdain. While Torah urges Jews to be "a nation that should live apart from, and not reckon as, the other nations" (Num. 23:9), they, on the contrary, want people to believe "Torah is outdated, just a book of fairy tales; It's unrealistic and cannot apply to our modern era." They want us to trash what God behooves of us.

Arabs build expansive cities wherever they can and nobody in authority dares pout or say a word. But let a Jew try building on his land and his world must cave in. Instead of Jewish pride, our "leaders" display secular arrogance.

This week's Haftarah provides the rebuttal to last week's sad episode: "Expand the place of your tent, the perimeter of your dwellings; Stretch, don't spare; Lengthen your tents' cords and strengthen and set farther the tents' pegs!" (Isaiah 54:2)


  1. from your mouth to the IDF's ears but they are too busy apologizing for existing my friend..what a tragedy.

  2. That is right, we should push those borders out and drive our enemies out of the middle of us! Why should they be allowed to live contentedly off of us, all the while tearing us down from inside.

  3. Just look here to see how low Israel politics has taken its "leaders". View this clip and you can only cry. It looks more like what Germans were doing to Jews in the past.