Sunday, September 25, 2011

Unbroken Treaties

The Torah portion of Netzavim starts out with the treaty God wrought with the Jewish people before they entered the Holy Land. "You are all standing here today ... to partake in a treaty with God ... that God ratifies for you today."
(Deut. 29:9-11)

The term "treaty" means, in Biblical Hebrew, an everlasting promise between two; A contract that no side can later reject.

An earlier treaty between God and the Jewish people occurred at Mount Sinai when God presented the Jews with the Holy Bible, where they "passed a treaty ... at Horev" (Deut. 5:2). This treaty designated the Jews as God's choice for His representative nation. "In you God chose to be his favored nation from all other nations" - an irreversible, eternal choice.

The very first treaty between God and the Jewish nation was struck with the first Jewish forefather at the Treaty of Parts. "On that day God passed a treaty with Abraham, saying, to your descendants I gave this very land, from the Egyptian river until the the great river, the River Pratt" (Gen 15:18); This is the land of "ten nations" that straddled the Jordan River, which was given to the Jewish nation as an eternal inheritance.

Any nation pushing to deny this divine truth ends up effectively denying itself a continued existence.

Once Torah was given and its laws formalized, with a distinct set set aside for Gentiles (the "7 Noahide Laws") and another for Jews, the law clearly states that not even an iota of the Holy Land Jews possess may be given away.

This holds true even if religious coalition members in an Israeli cabinet support giving away possessed land.

In 1992 (10 Shvat) the Rebbe of Lubavitch warned that "autonomy talks" will lead to formation of a Palestinian terrorist state, bringing hazard to Jewish life. Were we to raise our voices and say what Torah wants us to say, no matter how absurd we may think it sounds to the Gentile audience, we will find, in fact, to our surprise, that that, and only that, can forge a path to understanding and appreciating the divine truth it reflects. The Rebbe asserted "the world is ready!" for Moshiach and therefore there's no doubt about it. Never mind the few who chafe hearing these words. They may be loud, but they represent a minority. Most people appreciate the special times we live in and thirst to hear the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

People know plenty of broken treaties. They also know of, can see, and appreciate the unbroken eternal treaties between God and the Jewish people. Those who support this treaties are deemed righteous and guarantee for themselves a bright future; Those that don't - guarantee their own downfall into oblivion.

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