Monday, September 12, 2011

Moaning in the Wind

A rabbi handed in his resignation after 6 months at the job. The board was stunned. They said, "Rabbi, just let us ask you one question; Can you tell us 'Why'; Was the salary too low?"
"No, the salary was fine."
"Was there a problem with the board of directors?"
"No, you are a wonderful bunch of people."
"Did the congregation bring you displeasure?"
"Not at all, I enjoyed them."
"Then rabbi, please answer us this one question, 'Why'?"
"Because this is the first question I've been asked in the 6 months since I've been here!"

Like this rabbi, I too feel like resigning. There is no point in running a blog except to occasionally throw out an insight of Jewish worth gleaned from rabbinic sources that's worth repeating. There's no money, honor, or medals in blogging. And it takes plenty of time too.

As a Chabadnik who lacks the courage our youth have to take off every Friday and devote the day going out into the communities to reach out to fellow Jews and Gentiles, I do my tiny share by writing this blog.

But I hardly get any comments!

I hesitate telling you this because I am not soliciting comments per se. I simply have no guage by which to measure if what I'm doing is worth my time because of this lack of feedback. I don't know if people are reading what I am writing. I've been blogging now for some three years and sometimes I think I'm just churning water, spinning my wheels for nothing. I notice other blogs do draw many more comments than mine; Much more. Is it simply because those blogs draw so many more surfers than mine? I just don't know.

Truth is, I'd rather have surfers who come to read rather than those who come to comment, for there are such blogs where comments look like a rowdy classroom!

I used to occasionally group-email to a mailing list of friends to drum up some readership, but I've stopped that. Instead, I added a widget where people can add their email address if they wish to get my blog's email feeds. If I don't have to stick my unsolicited nose into everyone's mailbox, I'd rather not. I prefer a low profile.

So for now, I'll just hunker down and continue this thankless venture I got myself into, but I did want to share my feelings with you people out there, wherever and whoever you are.

And, by the way, if you do occasionally drop by, then I tip my 10 gallon chassidic hat to you and say, "Much obliged".


  1. don't give never know who you may impress one day my friend.
    God bless~!

  2. It's appreciated. Believe me!
    There are a few things you could change to make the blog more useable & attractive, for instance a simple "Like" button would give you the feedback you desire, to know you're appreciated!
    But you do have a point about the nature of comments... I come to read. If I had something intelligent to say I'd have a blog of my own!

  3. as a noahide i have enjoyed reading your input . the rebbe has been on of my most favourite sages and i receive his daily dose which keeps me going. i just wish G-d has blessed me to see him atleast once, even if from a distance. even if you save one jewish soul or bring one gentile to the 7 laws, is a great achievement, and who knows perhaps its for this you are running this blog. blessing.s


  5. Thanks for your blog, I read it regularly, and like one of the previous comments, would write one if I felt that what I had to say added anything.

  6. I read your blog because you make me think...and I like that! I don't comment because I'm non-Jewish and Canadian. I don't really fit in. :)
    Please keep writing...

  7. I read your blog religiously (sic!)
    and enjoy it. I am lazy, too. I will try to be more responsive.

  8. Yes, we do read your blog - although I do not agree with everything you say. Continue to support those in captivity as you have done in the past i.e. Jonothan Pollard & Gilad Shalit etc.

  9. Thanks Angel for your constant encouragement. Thanks tcsblog. Rainbow, thanks much too. I very much value your Noahide opinion. LilliValle, thanks you all; CY - thanks too. Team Hall - You don't have to be Jewish to render an opinion. If an article makes you think, then you can share that thought and tell me - I'd love to hear it. I too, by the way, was raised in Canada (Montreal). You DO definitely "fit in". You were created by God and that qualifies you to share your thoughts. Rivka - thank you. You read it religiously, huh? But do say something if you have what to opine. As for your being lazy - you're not. Don't speak badly about yourself. JJvdL, If you don't agree, I would not bite. Please do let me know if something you think I write is wrong. I'd love to know.

    So - thank you all. I noticed most of you indeed had to set up some empty "profile" just to be able to comment - which actually tells me you're mostly readers and not commenters or bloggers. I appreciate the effort you went to, therefore, to comment here, now. The day I wrote this post, I got about 100 "hits". Eight comments is less than 10%. You'd think people would be more "caring" and try to prop up the falling, with a small good word, like you guys did. Well, the world contains all types and we can't please or expect too much from anyone. But you guys did, in fact, help me take a good, long, deep, refreshing breath of invigorating air. God bless!

  10. G-d bless you for your courage in these last few days of golus, bringin some light from the Rebbe and Geula to these readers!!!