Monday, March 28, 2011

A World War of Evil vs Virtue

Like darkness is to sunlight, like black is to the spectrum of colors, is Iranian ideology to - Chabad's ideology. The juxtaposition of these two ideologies surprises me as I write these words, but the parallel is striking.

Iranian dogma has it (more or less, for I'm no expert in their creed) that once revolution or hostilities upset the tranquility of nations far and wide, their holy imam or whoever, shows up to then change the world into their brand of Moslem religiosity. The Iranian mullahs therefore preach that violence must be sewn and distributed worldwide to hasten that holy person's appearance.

In sharp contrast, but along similar lines, we in Chabad believe that the sooner more Jews can be reached out to, to bring them into the warm fold of Torah observance and Yiddishkeit, the sooner "critical mass" is achieved to bring on Moshiach and the Era of Ultimate Redemption for the Jewish people as well as for the world.

So Iran sows terror where they can, as in Lebanon ("Hizbullah") or Iraq, with proxy movements far and wide, with the aim to do violence and revolution, to spur their religious outcome; While Chabad - in sharp contrast, but in similar vein, seeks to bring goodness and kindness to their brethren across the globe, trying to expose them to the beauty of Torah truth and its observance, to hasten Moshiach's arrival.

In effect, it's a world war, with a religion of death pitted against a religion of life. Theirs is the snake; We have Moshiach. Life will triumph.

See below how the two religions celebrate their holy occasions.
Thank you G-d so much for making me a Jew!!

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