Monday, March 21, 2011

The Fogel Family Massacre - Revisited

Youtube and Facebook removed the Fogel film (below) 2 hours after it was posted! They figured a few Jewish lives in Itamar shouldn't get so many Muslims and others worked up or angry.

We came into this world to fix it. Everyone has with what to make this a better place for all. Everyone - except Amalek. That's the one exception; That's why Torah calls for Amalek's destruction. For no good, whatsoever, can ever come from their seed. The only "fix" for this source of evil is its utter destruction. The single redeeming value they have is to provide people with a model to reject.

We saw an example of this vile element two weeks ago. Only this beastly lowlife can sneak into one child's room, then into another, and stab the children repeatedly in the heart and slice their throats, while the children snuggle up in warm beds, sleeping or reading. The infant was stabbed most of all!

Don't think only these lowlifes who held the knives possess such depravity. The same worthless soul lives among many of their fellow citizens. Sure some exceptions exist, but most of these folk bubble with joy over such dastardly acts. They parade these killers as heroes, post their pictures in public limelight and grant them honorific titles, as "Shahidis".

A special TV program offers up praise for these murderers. They even have a ministerial position allocated to the cause, "Minister for Prisoner Issues", whose job it is to seek avenues of relief or release for these creatures if they are captured and imprisoned. They name streets or plazas in honor of this scum. And for what? For butchering men, women and children.

For public consumption they'll condemn the action, but you'll never hear from them a clear, emotional censure; You'll never hear them describe the act in terrible terms. At their best, you hear a begrudging response like, "It doesn't serve our interests" in "our struggle" with the Jewish state. Simultaneously they are busy inculcating their children to become murderers. There can be no peace with these people!

These murderers should be hanged. And another thing: To help stem this sort of horror, we have to ensure such acts serve the opposite effect. Instead of questioning the legitimacy of these settlements, build up a brand new one in honor of the fallen. Not by issuing a few hundreds permits to build - but by establishing a brand new settlement. And it is about time Israel annex and claim sovereignty over all "occupied" land, otherwise we continue to placate the enemy, local or abroad, giving them the notion this land is still negotiable, while frustrating Jews who want to settle it securely.

UPDATE One Year Later: LINK

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