Sunday, March 13, 2011

Massacre at Itamar, Israel
- The Fogel Family

G-d, help us! The pain of being Jewish is sometimes heart-wrenching. Such a great people, such a great nation, yet we have to suffer continually from the world's meanest, most brutal elements, like Arab haters, or like American, cold-calculating pseudo-intellectual haters (e.g., owners of the New York Times) (whom Melanie Phillips calls "armchair barbarians"). What happened to the Fogel family this Shabbat we've suffered for over two millennia, and just when the wound almost heals, another tragedy rips the sore wide open again. What does G-d want from us? 6 million Jews - wasn't that enough? Now 123 children since 2000. Still not enough?

You haven't read about this horror story in the mainstream news. It went unreported for two days, and then either short-scripted out of the headlines, or couched in justifiable terminology. As Jews and Israelis, we are but scapegoats for their sinister agendas. This family was butchered by sub-human creatures; By those who use their own children as shields in times of war with Israel, after provoking the latter. They are those who hand out or accept candies when such atrocities succeed. These people are the scum of the earth.

To add salt to the wound, we have Israeli "leaders" who crave to negotiate a "peace" with this worst element of the human race.

Here's an article by Dr. Phyllis Chesler on this tragedy.
UPDATE: Clip of Fogel family at play in better times:
Courtesy: Arutz 7 &

UPDATE! 33% of "Palestinians" happy for the massacre (Link)

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