Saturday, April 02, 2011

The Oncoming Tsunami of World-Wide Jew Hatred

Hatred of Jews is on the rise. The "one sheep among 70 wolves", as our sages refer to the Jewish nation, is no myth. Ever since the event of Mount Sinai, it has persisted, and only Moshiach will finally eradicate it.

I'm not saying this new onslaught of hate will hurt us, G-d forbid, but it can lead to paroxysms of fear if you don't brace yourself or prepare for it, wherever you are. And don't fall for the illusion a democratic process will fend for you.

And, don't think debating your case will help, because Jew haters are spiritually blind and logically warped. What more proof do you need of this blindness than the fact that anti-Semitism is again on the rise even after the Holocaust! (And even after the holocaust destroyed much of the Gentile world in the process). Just look at the perverse attempts to demonize Israel, even though the country bends over backwards (with its leftist agenda) to favor its 5th column or their aggressive neighbors.

The best way to defend yourself is to get on G-d's side and follow his Torah dictates. Sweet and simple.

Some of this Hebrew clip is translated, but not all of it. It's produced by Rabbi Amnon Yitschak in Israel.

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