Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pesach 5771 - The Holiday of Redemption

Happy and kosher Pesach my friends!

Below I include another sign of the imminent Era of Final Redemption, may it happen now already, and catapult the world into a higher sphere of experience!

Signs are nice - but we've had our fill of signs already. We want the real thing, and we want it now. The Rebbe said, "We're the last generation of exile"; Well, how long is this last generation to last?

A few posts ago, I translated The Previous Rebbe's explanation of Psalm 93 (link), and how turbulent waters shall submerge much of a country, which apparently refers to the Japanese tragedy. Here below is new footage of the incredible disaster.
See what 4 or 5 minutes can do to a town.

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  1. Chag kasher V'sameach to u as well Frank~! God bless you mightily:)