Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Final "My Garden" of a Jew

Many a Jew thinks the final "resting place", the very end address of his life and of his fellow Jews is - Gan Eden.

Nope! Gan-Eden is merely a "station break". The final and greatest place Jews will transcend into is - this world and none other!

Yes Gan Eden may well be as sweet as it can be but it is nowhere near the ultimate goodie that awaits every Jew - and that place is right here on this lowly earth, decked out in full materialistic garb.

In fact, this earth was the "personal" "Garden of God". It retained that stature until Adam and Eve sinned. That sin, and those from forthcoming generations (e.g. Kayin's murder, Enosh's idolatry, the Flood generation, the Tower of Babel generation) brought the world into progressively more "darkness", where the Presence of God became progressively harder to discern.

Not only will this nethermost of worlds achieve the original eminence in initially held, but the pristine clarity of God's Presence will shine forth even more than it did when the world was, back then, first created.

When that ultimate era shall finally dawn, all Jewish souls residing temporarily in Gan Eden will be reinstated in bodies and "transported" to this world where God will make for Himself "His Living Quarters" (דירה בתחתונים).

This is one of the meanings inherent in the verse, "I have come to my garden, my sister bride" (Song of Songs 5:1)

So the next time you're out taking a drive, or next to a sefer, or in prayer, or wherever - know you're in the very place where God will one day turn "On" the switch and you will suddenly experience a sensory transformation where all layers of physicality will project mosaics of divinity in ways you can today not even begin to imagine. How happy we must be, for how happy will be our lot.

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