Sunday, January 26, 2014

CORRECTION: The Number of Mentions of Moses in תנ''ך

This is embarrassing! I erred in my counting of משה in Torah (here). I now count 648 times.

I found two false positives, one in Devarim 15:2, the other in Shmot 12:4.
"משה" in these two verses is not the name Moshe!

I base these findings on my own website, which is a Torah-search site.
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The total number of times Moshe is mentioned in Tanach is 769.
(In Nach itself it appears, therefore, 121 times.)

NOTE:  The Concordance of אברהם אבן שושן shows 770 iterations of משה, but I stand by my count nevertheless; More likely the Concordance made the mistake. (Not because of my genius in counting but because the Concordance counts its results in a complicated way that might have slipped in this case.)

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