Sunday, January 26, 2014

CORRECTION: The Number of Mentions of Moses in תנ''ך

This is embarrassing! I erred in my counting of משה in Torah (here). I now count 647 times.

I found two "false positives", in Devarim 15:2 and in Shmot 12:4, where "משה" in these verses is not the name.

I base these findings on my own program (written in javascript) and Torah data I copied/pasted and "massaged" to create my database (כתיב).
(UPDATE: You too can now do the search at

As for my Nach results, I got them from here (

According to this source, the number of times Moshe is mentioned in Nach is 121.

Together with my own Torah search results, the total number of times Tanach mentions Moshe is 768 times - not 770.

NOTE:  The Concordance of אברהם אבן שושן shows 770 iterations of משה, but I stand by my count nevertheless; More likely the Concordance made the mistake. (Not because of my genius in counting but because the Concordance counts its results in a complicated way that might have slipped in this case.)

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