Monday, January 20, 2014

Another Glimpse into our Era of Redemption

The Rebbe had said we are into the Era of Redemption. Its threshold we traversed. Now, said, he, we "have to open our eyes" to see it.

To "open eyes" means to open your mind's eye. I spoke earlier of the internecine Arab conflicts as one such indication (eg, here). But since some people still regard these cataclysmic events as "really serious", which can yet "spill over" to harm Israel, God forbid, then they do not yet see the Redemption unfolding. They need more convincing. They need more and more points of light that - taken together - provide a clearer picture of the panoramic Redemptive mosaic.

So, here's another indication where the Rebbe is wielding his power.

Here's a news item from YWN - Israel Desk, Jerusalem (1/6/14):

Chabad Shlichus will be Recognized as National Service

"The Shaked Committee finalizing the state’s new chareidi draft law on Monday 5 Shevat 5774 approved a motion from MK (The Movement) Elazar Stern to recognize Chabad shlichus around the world as an accredited state-approved national service.

"Yesh Atid committee member Ofir Shelach opposed the initiative but it was approved nonetheless."

By the way, my view is probably similar to your views, namely, that those boys NOT learning as they should, no matter what their affiliation, should serve in the army just as sure as other young men must go to serve.

Anyhow, the Israeli Parliament decided that Hareidi Yeshiva boys in Israel all had to go to the army, but Chabad Yeshiva students are exempt. In effect then, the Rebbe's army, or, in Chabad jargon, Moshiach's army, serves to the benefit of the Jewish people all over the world. The bill passed by a majority and became law.

The only ones who voted against it were the Religious parties, which perhaps shows how deeply they remain rooted spiritually in exile; Instead of being happy for Chabad Yeshiva boys, it was hard for them to agree that "other" students should be exempt while the students from their Yeshivos will be drafted.

Maybe I can understand the grievance of those who opposed the move, but the Chabad victory is a victory anyway you cut it, and therein lies the point.

Chabad remains at the forefront of bringing spectacular light to bear in simple vessels of outreach and explanation. We are marching forward to herald the Era of Redemption we ARE RIGHT NOW INTO. See the light, folks. Connect the dots. It's for your good just as much as it is for any other Jew.

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