Sunday, June 02, 2013

Maybe I'm Nuts - For My Firm Almost Absurd Belief

Russia stands to protect Syria from toppling over, callous to the threat this can have on Israel, by supplying Syria with S-300 missiles and MiG fighter planes (link). The American regime supported Islamic fundamentalism on the sly from day 1 and has sought to undermine pro-Israel activism all along, as uncovered recently, as the IRS scandal unfolds (link). Iran boasts it has so many ballistic missiles aimed at Israel it can overwhelm Israeli ballistic missile defense systems (link), let alone the threat of its near-complete acquisition of nuclear capability. America and Europe apply intense pressure because Israel decides to permit 300 more housing units to go up in Jerusalem.

The world, in short, cannot tolerate Israel as long as she continues to breathe. No matter what concessions she makes, Israel will always be considered, and she always was, like an annoying roach to be gotten rid of, to the world at large. The few decades of respite Jews enjoyed following WWII came only while the world itself could recover from their post-war deterioration, licking of their wounds. But now, especially because Israel thrives as a vibrant economic and social power, the 70 wolves are again sharpening their fangs, or, at best, remain apathetic to the prospects of her torment or destruction.

We Jews have God to thank, however, for as the nations plan, God laughs.

Some rabbis maintain we today witness the unfolding of the Era of the Final and Ultimate Redemption of the Jewish people (and the world's righteous Gentiles). Evil and righteousness are being delineated into two clear camps and sides are being taken, not by nations as much as by people therein.

The miracle that occurred to the Jewish people prior to the original Exodus from Egypt, namely, where Egyptians fought against Egyptians (for which we commemorate the Shabbat before Pesach as "Shabbat Hagadol"), is re-occurring now in the form of Muslim versus Muslim (enemy-of-Israel against enemy-of-Israel), in what started as the "Arab Spring". In another theater, but probably not the last we'll see, is Syrians against Syrians.

Turmoil at Israel's very doorstep, just next to her borders, might scare those attuned to only Nature's events. For example, the concern IDF generals must show, justifiably - for they must assess according to Natural situations, can only give reason to fret to those that mute out transcendental divine consideration at the same time.

But Jews and Israel are beyond Nature. They are of Supernatural essence. As of now, as per these rabbis, especially as per the Rebbe, we have nothing to fear because God now applies full focus, so to speak, to keep the people of the Holy Land safer than anywhere else in the world.

Yes, events at the border appear to be a menacing long-term problem but God wants to test our strength of belief and makes it appear as if threatening Natural events can one day materialize (God forbid). God does not want to hand us the Era of Redemption on a silver platter. He seems to want to coax us into belief in the Supernatural over the stretch of time.

Perhaps that's because Jews throughout the world should be given enough time to contemplate and resolve that Torah, God and the Jewish phenomenon are uniquely united. Meanwhile the world brews in turmoil, as the good element separates out from the bad element. It seems the Director of the worlds theaters is aiming at a final global solution that can be had at one crucial moment, a moment still beyond our perceptual senses to detect when that'll be.


  1. ah yes they were out if full glory at the parade today in NYC!..Am Yisroel CHAI!!!!

  2. What's the relevance, my dear Angel?