Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pre-Partum Food for Thought

Found this on an Israeli forum (translated here):

Two twin fetuses, one religious, one not, conversing inside the womb.

Secular: Brother, do you believe in life after birth?

Religious: Yes, of course. It's clear there's life after birth. We're here just to get stronger and gain strength for the real life waiting for us in the future. So they told us.

Secular: Nonsense; There's no life after birth. Once birth takes place - life ends. Can you imagine what life after birth might seem like?

Religious: I don't know all the details but I believe there will be more light, for one thing, that we'll walk around, where we want, on our feet, and we'll eat - by putting food into our mouths. There will be many differences.

Secular: What humbug! It's impossible we become independent and eat with the mouth. You make me laugh; You think we can live - or eat - without an umbilical cord?! Face the facts - we depend on an umbilical cord, and we stop living at about 9 months. Why live with illusions?

Religious: I'm sure we can live outside the womb too, except that life will be different from life in here. All we can do is imagine what it'll be like, but it will be. Many fetuses believe this. Surely there's reason to believe it.

Secular: No one ever came back into the womb to give us first-hand knowledge, did they? Most embryos do not believe it - and rightly so! It makes sense that life terminates at birth, and until then we live in darkness. You get what you have.

Religious: No,no! True I have no real idea what life will be like out there, but I do believe we will finally get to see our Mother, and that she'll take care of us.

Secular: Mother? You believe in "Mothers"? Then where is this Mother? Why don't we see her or feel her? Leave me alone with your fairy tales. You happen to be an earnest personality, so why speculate the absurd? Rely, as I do, strictly on facts.

Religious: I most certainly believe in a "Mother", that we live inside her, that she surrounds us and protects us. Thanks to her we move and live, and without her we could not exist for a moment.

Secular: What rubbish. I see no "Mother", and it goes without saying she does not exist.

Religious: I disagree with you. Do you not notice when everything is calm, when we concentrate and listen, we can hear her? You can actually sense she's thinking about us, cares for us and sometimes you can even feel she caresses us. Open your eyes; Start paying attention! I firmly believe 
we have a Mother and that after birth she will hug us, and - then we'll start to live our real lives.
Found source - here.

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