Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Price of European Apathy

The Jewish people, learned in oppression, exile and conversion decrees for thousands of years, finally returned to their soil. After a third of the nation was destroyed in the holocaust inferno, it sought a quiet corner of the world to breathe easily. The Arab nations, swept up in a torrent of seething hate, formed a military vanguard to wipe the Jews from the face of the earth. When they failed in their confrontation, the Arabs switched tactics and sent Palestinian terror into Israel; Buses, discotheques and restaurants were bombed, and arson, killings by guns, knives and kidnappings abounded.

New concepts arose in the Jewish daily mindset; Guards were placed in public entrance ways, watchfulness of abandoned bags became an issue, and spot checks in marketplaces and roads became routine. The fruits of a warped mind submitted to terror and raised the concept of autonomy. More submission, with insignificant retaliation against rocket fire, gave rise to "security rooms" in houses and public shelters. Walls near cities and armor on vehicles also became a new norm.

During these decades, Europe watched with apathy, as Jews bled, counted their dead, all the while not forgetting to accuse Israel of racism, plunder and the killing of "innocents".

The prophet Zachariah decries this apathy: "An exceeding anger do I seethe against the apathetic Gentiles." (1:15) The Rebbe explains the necessity for Gentiles to abide by the 7 Noahide laws (see here), which includes the prohibition against animal cruelty. At least from this commandment, Gentiles ought to realize they ought protect the Jewish nation from Palestinian terror and most certainly not aid and abet the tormentors with money, armament and political backing.

Now the mental unease Israel suffered begins to reverberate across the Mediterranean Sea. Now Europe begins feel, taste and understand what Jews anguished so many years. Last week, in broad daylight, a London soldier's head was decapitated. With blood on his hands, facing the camera, the killer looked much like those who lynched Israeli soldiers in Ramallah, in October 2000. When the soldier stabbed in the neck this week in Paris,  it sent jitters to the many soldiers there that patrol that city's streets. Europeans feel they are sitting on a powder keg about to explode. Arab aggression in Europe has crossed the threshold of no return. The Muslim hostility Sweden tried to hush up all these last years, this last week surfaced for all to see, as many of its suburbs went up in flames.

Europe is awakening from an apathy to the Arab threat in its daily life. A new reality has set in. The Rebbe explains that the exceeding anger of God against the Gentiles has not the purpose of destruction or revenge, but rather that Gentiles too should yearn for and demand the Era of Redemption.

We Jews can help our Gentile peers by spreading the word among them to heed the 7 Noahide Laws. The sooner they comply, the faster the entire world will enjoy an imminent utopia.
(from a talk by Rabbi Zimroni Chic)

I want to add that the decline of normalcy in Europe has swept into America as well. This present regime only serves to accelerate the pace, by siding openly with Muslim aggressors. Apathy and even reinforcement of elements bent on Israel's destruction have here also been long existent. If only this great country's good people could once again take hold of the reins to steer it back to God and freedom.

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