Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Toulouse Murders in Perspective

A handul of people around the world, very wealthy and powerful, powerful with money but not with brains (because the God they ignore will have the last say), want to corner the world's wealth at the expense of the populations at large. They decided to ride the coattails of Islamic Jihad to achieve their goals. This includes the destruction of Israel and that of America, of Israel as a nation, and of America as an economic and political power.

Their interim goal is to support the Muslim "Jihad" and when that succeeds to a significant extent, they plan to take over the reins and corner the entire wealth of nations, including that of the Muslims, who they now use temporarily as pawns.

The leftist media, owned by these people, are carefully following orders. Therefore, upon seeing the Jihad unfold, they will downplay it and hide it from people as best they can, to let Jihad go forth and strike unsuspectingly, but painting the incident in different colors to disguise it for what it really is. This will allow for tumult to happen in unforeseen ways. For if they expose it for what it is, Jihad will fall flat on its face, because of clear, public awareness. So they hide it whereever possible and espouse political correctness to further this goal.

Take, for example, the horrific murders in Toulouse. The gunman came face to face with his victims, so close that the fire from the gun burnt their faces. Only Muslims, brainwashed Jihadists, can do such dastardly acts of terror, as they did to the Fogels and celebrated it.

How did the media behave when Toulouse happened? They first claimed it must have been the work "neo-Nazis" (WHITE supremacists, as opposed to the minority kind). Never would they initially suggest the obvious - Muslim terror.

Then, when that proved false, they said "It was a RANDOM act of violence". All of them, the entire gamut of mainstream media, from New York to London, said so, using the keyword "random". The media, you see, if you don't yet know, are a cohesive group, even though they spread out over the entire Western world. And know this: Before they come out with their headlines, there is a conference call wherein they receive their "talking points" for the day, or for a given event. Scan the headlines of what was said by the media regarding Toulouse, across all of them, and you'll see all of them using their own sentences but always, without failure, they include, and key in on, the important, talking-points - their "marching orders" for the day. In Toulouse the keyword was "random", so you got reports of a "random act" or a "random shooting".

Media today no longer is what it used to be. It used to be, each one on his own; Today, the one on his own, will, if they cannot shut him up, or buy him out, one way or the other.

This isn't just bias against Jews that is going on, although Jews are likely to remain at the forefront of victimization because of Muslim hatred of the Jew, but rather it is a new world order that is trying to position itself by piggybacking on the Jihad war that aims to create world chaos, and then forcibly supplanting Muslim headway with their own scheme, to finally render the ultimate takeover of world resources. The two major obstacles for this takeover require, however, to first destruct the democracies of Israel and America. Europe, now on the brink, is almost as good as gone.

Even if they catch the murderer, a new spin will be made up. Or, more probably, under-report it, like the New York Times used to do during the Holocaust, placing a "small item" near the back pages.

Don't underestimate the greed and bad nature of these people. Probably they derive from the "Council of Foreign Affairs". They are the ones pulling the strings. Out of sight but closely supervising by remote control. An example of this control: Notice that the Muslim who killed 13 soldiers in a U.S. army base hasn't yet been brought to trial; Reason; It will hurt Obuma's chances to win in 2012. They are no less evil than the Muslim in Toulouse who pulled the trigger, shooting his gun into the heads of the Jewish children.

UPDATE: The Islamic scum who made his mother proud.

From a news report: He "... arrived on a motorcycle, shooting his victims as they arrived at the school, then calmly entered the premises, grabbed an eight year old girl by the hair, Miriam Monsonego, and shot her in the head before escaping."

Why did he take the trouble of strapping a video camera to his neck and filming himself chasing eight-year-old Miriam Monsonego through the school courtyard and shooting her 3 times in the head? See <here>.

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