Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Ruling by the "Moses of Our Generation"

God assured Moses at Sinai that, "And also in you the Jews will have faith in, for always".
(וגם בך יאמינו לעולם) [Ex.19:9]

Why the word "also"?
Rashi explains, "Not only will Jews believe in Moses the prophet, but they will also believe in all the prophets who will appear in generations thereafter."

Chabad got lucky because their Rebbeim happened to be the leaders of the last 7 generations. The Rebbeim, besides being leaders of a generation (נשיאי הדור), were also, like Moses, blessed with נבואה, prophetic power. But our entire generation - that of the 7th Rebbe - really got lucky; Because the Moses of our generation also happens to be the Moshiach, who very soon will usher us into the Era of Ultimate Redemption!

Literally scores of times our Rebbe spoke of himself in strong hints as the Messiah. One such indication we find in the Ma'amer, Ve'Ato Tetzave, he delivered in 5741 (10 Adar A), and handed out, after footnoting it, in 5752. This was the last publication he handed out before the 3rd of Tammuz. Here's what he said:

"... And we can conclude that, since the Previous Rebbe made reference to the Midrash, where it states 'Mordechai in his generation was the equivalent of Moses in his generation', the Previous Rebbe thereby ruled this ruling upon himself, namely, that he [too] was the 'faithful shepherd' of the entire generation (in a revealed way!)."

To drive home this point, the Rebbe adds an analogy as a footnote. It says in Pirkei Avot that a person eventually "is destined for a judgement and an accounting" when he finally appears before the heavenly court. But what sense does that make; Don't you first need an accounting before a judgement can be made; So why do the sages reverse the order of these terms? The Rebbe answers (elsewhere) - that the way the person himself had judged others in similar situations on earth will be the very same way the heavenly court will judge him, and then the accounting will proceed accordingly. I.e., the way he had judged people will in turn decide how he himself will be judged for similar situations. Thus "judgement" proceeds "accounting".

Similarly, just as the Previous Rebbe asserted that Mordechai was the Moses of his generation, "in a revealed way", in effect thereby ruled himself to be the Moses of his generation (in a revealed way) , this very same ruling applies to the Rebbe's own evocation of it as well. Just as he explained how the Previous Rebbe broadcast his status as Moses of the generation, the Rebbe too broadcast his own status in the same way!

Like I said, there are literally dozens of such invocations, or strong hints. (As to why it had to come by way of hints, I postulate here.)

All these indications, taken together, give the chossid, a soldier of the Rebbe, the impetus to take his words public, to let people know, that he is both prophet (let that be for another post) and Moshiach, i.e., the leader of this generation bound to take us into the Era of the Ultimate Redemption.


  1. most of the world doesnt know that the leader of the generation is moshiach. so when you say that the rebbe is moshiach , and you bring a prove that he is the moshe of our times, people dont understand and might think that you are too extreme,crazy,etc
    the same thing with the frirdika rebbes sicha in shavuos 5701: he does not say :"my son in law is moshiach" . he does hint it very strongly, but many people can argue that the f'rebbe is giving an analogy. we need to concentrate in the rebbes instructions: learn ,teach, and live about moshiach and geulah. if someone asks you if the rebbe is moshiach, you can answer that the rebbe is the only one that fulfills the criteria. but to start a campaign about that, the rebbe never asked

  2. OK shloime - read it again. I took your point and re-edited a sentence to clarify the point.

  3. Meir, G-d willing, I will be posting all of Rabbi Yess' articles on my site. Do visit the Moshiach Timeline that I posted

  4. Thank You for you clarity. Keep on going from strenght to strentgh!! Moshiach NOW!!