Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Previous Rebbe's Peiyos

Overheard this from an elder Lubavitch chassid who was sitting shiva.

The Previous Rebbe went with peiyos under his hat (or yarmulke). He did this because his father, the Rebbe Rashab, had lost the hair on his head, which included the loss of his peiyos. In order to spare his father shame when standing next to his son, who would provide stark contrast with his peiyos worn visibly, the Previous Rebbe tucked his peiyos under his hat.

Someone asked him about the Rebbe's peiyos. He immediately told the story of someone coming to the Rebbe and "asking" the Rebbe why he wore his tefillin so low on his forehead. The Rebbe answered him, "How do you know where my hairline used to be?"

(The Rebbe too apparently lost some hair on his head although to what degree we don't know. But, aside from that, we don't ask such questions on the Rebbe.)

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