Thursday, October 06, 2011

On Jewish Destiny - good video

Some see based on fleshy eyes, relegating conclusions to nothing beyond. Others see with what they believe is their God-given mind's eye, beyond Nature's constraints. For the latter, here's a great video that touches on the Jewish essence.

Jews live by rules that transcend Nature. Their role in this World preempted creation. Each lives eternally despite an impression based on Nature's veil. Even after departure from this World they remain a cohesive unity, coalesced to God and Torah.

The faith of Abraham, the perfect belief system based on Torah that would entirely collapse if even one element proved false, God's language and its revival, the Land of Israel that is the holy property of all Jewry - these and more are the crown jewels of the eternal trio: God, the Jews and Torah. Happy and righteous are those Gentiles who share this noble attribution, for they too will thus merit the anticipated utopia, a new super-Natural era close at hand.


  1. God bless you my friend...Olem Habah is yours for sure.............

  2. Sorry didn't realize you already blogged this.... shana Tova !
    enjoy your fast. You know it's good for you...