Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Idiocy of Evolutionism

The stomach wall is as thin as a potato chip. Yet it manufactures and secretes hydrochloric acid, one of the most potent and corrosive acids known -- without the slightest damage to its thin wall. That's because it also produces an alkaline mucoid substance to keep the stomach from auto-digesting.

If one were to believe evolutionists, it would have to be that first came the "development" of the alkaline-base secretory ability, followed by the acidic production much later. Otherwise, there could be no possibility for the stomach to survive the acidic assault. On the other hand, without HCl production, pepsinogen cannot convert into pepsin, and proteins cannot then be digested, and death would ensue.

Either way, then, evolutionists face a "catch-22".

In a human being's scrotal sac, sperms cells are manufactured and stored. In another human being, meanwhile, her ovaries are busy preparing ovum cells ready for ovulation.

Upon mating, a spectacular drama unfolds, one that even Hollywood could never have imagined. Millions of sperm cells suddenly rush out, swim against the forces of gravity and mount all obstacles as they seek out the tiny fold at the higher side of the uterus. Of the millions that started out, only a few thousand sperm remain by the time they whiplash their way down the fallopian tube. These strongest contenders race through this last leg of the complex labyrinth, in their bid to win the race. Of these hundreds of thousands, only one sperm will finally earn the trophy - a race that can be won in under 10 minutes.

Although they never took this marathon trip before, sperm cells are well-prepared, as if they were briefed by prior intelligence. Each cell charges forward in this once-in-a-lifetime, mysterious and urgent mission. Throughout the race, up the vaginal wall, through the cervix, along the uterine wall, through the tiny orifice that leads to the Fallopian tube and along the fine tube for some 8 centimeters, sperm need no flashlight to light their way in valiant rivalry. Each performs as if it could win this race, although in fact only one out of several billion will extend its lifespan to what seems like eternity; All the others will die within 24 hours.

While the sperm makes its dash for impregnation, the ovum "egg" of the female had meanwhile, or some hours before, also undergone its own dramatic voyage. This started by gravitating to the surface of its ovary, from where it was ejected like a skydiver free falls from a plane. It either lands on the pelvic wall and then actively seeks out the fringed ends of either Fallopian tube, it too without the aid of a flashlight; Or, more likely, as agile as a monkey, it latches itself onto the fringes of the nearest tube during its fall. From there, the ovum rolls deeper into the tube, about 2 centimeters, waiting there to knight the winning sperm cell.

The intricacies of this successful "blind date", as those involved in producing the potent hydrochloric acid by the stomach's thin wall, are but two examples that speak to the marvelous wonders of God. Every species, of the many millions, whether they live in water, in or on earth, or in air, and every function, of which there is an enormous diversity - each and all of these involve the most amazing, mind-boggling processes.

I pity the fool who, to shield his weak ego against ignorance, pushes the timeline for these wonders so far back as to feel better because the further back the mystery began to "develop", the more it "makes sense" to him why he, now, lacks the knowledge to "explain" how or why it happened this way. How much simpler and elegant, and sensible, it is to merely acknowledge, as Chassidus teaches, that every moment is a recreation, by God, of wondrous life -- out of nothingness!


  1. You should visit the molecular biologists at MIT and Harvard and explain why you are so much smarter than they are.

  2. MIT and Harvard professors to not impress me, my friend. Not at all! Take this from someone with 1st hand knowledge, for what it's worth to you.

    Why not tell me what YOUR rebuttal would be, rather than someone else's?

    Or are you just telling me whatever THEY will say, now or later, whether you know what that may be or not, you'd rather just go along with THEIR conclusions because, after all, they have PhD's and work at MIT and Harvard? As if to say, "I'll just APE what it is they have to say, and need not use MY mind!"