Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Satmar & Chabad Relations (cont'd)

A story is told, when the pamphlet "Neturei Karta", once published in Jerusalem, reached the desk of the Previous Rebbe, he handed it to his son-in-law (the Rebbe) and said, "Take your newspaper".

He said this because the Rebbe supported Satmar chassidim, and it's known he sent them funds as well.

Also well known is what the Rebbe said about Satmar's activities in Israel, that "if the 'Neturei Karta' would not be doing the 'dirty work', then we would have to do it instead." (eg, the protests against building on graveyards, protests against Shabbat desecrations, and many more protests against the many forms of Zionist sacrilege.)

After Zalman Shazar, the 3rd president of Israel, had a private audience with the Rebbe, one of many, Shazar said he felt as if the Rebbe was much more aggressively overzealous for strict orthodoxy than the Previous Rebbe; Furthermore, he said, had the Previous Rebbe not established a Chabad community in Israel (Kfar Chabad), he doubted whether the Rebbe would ever have taken such a step.

Rabbi Geldzeiler, from Lakewood, confided to Rabbi Rapp of Brooklyn that he once showed the Rebbe a booklet he composed of his Torah findings. Passing by the Rebbe, he told him that the Satmar Rebbe had also reviewed it. He said it and tried to swallow his words. The Rebbe then said to him, "You don't have to mention the Satmar Rebbe with a frown. You should know he's a friend of mine and I'm a friend of his. As for our differences, these were caused by 'Datan and Aviram'".


  1. They sure are doing "dirty work".

  2. Am Echad Lev Echad bro..thanks for hangin in there !!

  3. Poor Neshama, you miss the point. What's reprehensible, that Zionists forced Yemenites to cut their peiyot; That many of these Yemenites were abducted from delivery rooms never again to see their mothers; That they allowed for vehicles to drive through religious areas in Jerusalem on Shabbat; That they confiscated homes in Gush Katif and handed them over on a silver platter to our archenemy; That they ransack Jewish settlers homes but allow, nay, promote, Arab illegal construction; etc., etc.

    What's your problem, Neshama - haven't you got a Jewish neshama; Don't you see the miserable results of Zionism trying so hard to mimic America, to mimic Gentile ways, to mimic the junk America has to offer but leaving the good America has to offer out of the picture - like importing "Kojack TV series" but forbidding equal rights for all citizenry, especially for religious people, or for those living where they fear to annex the holy land, should a gentile country be sparked to anger.

    In your favor, I do believe you misunderstand the chasm that Zionism created by demeaning religion while promoting gentile values. Just look at Israeli society today in Tel-Aviv, even in Jerusalem, wherever, with homosexuality and other perversions in wide open display, in having to live with Arab terrorism or thievery in the entire heartland - for nowhere is safe anymore from these who were granted more rights than their Jewish counterparts. I can just go on and on but I won't rant on.

  4. Now, lets be nice! I'm not 'poor Neshama' and dont need your recognition about my neshoma and don't misunderstand. I just don't agree with your thinking.

    Anyone who would vote for knuut has a lot to learn. :-)

  5. Neshama, I searched a bit on your blog and found these 2 paragraphs:
    "The ways of Torah are ways of pleasantness, and that doesn't mean to browbeat people or portray hospitals and their religious doctors as nazis. I believe you fight for Shabbos by spreading shalom, sharing your Shabbos table with others, doing acts of kindness to show how the Torah is a true reflection of Hashem.

    What secular Israeli could embrace yiddishkeit when 'ultra' and 'haredi' and 'hasid' become anathema to the rational thinking frum and not-yet observant Jews in Israel? How can you speak about the beauty of tsnius when "young haredi MEN" attack a young lady for walking with a young man (orthodox), throw bleach on women because of their clothing, beat-up middle aged-women on buses because they had the audacity to sit in the front of a public bus, attack a young girl who didn't wear socks with her sandals; this sounds strange[ly like fascism], not like the "ways of pleasantness."

    You speak here of abusive behavior that is NOT characteristic of orthodox or, as liberals would brand them, "ultra" orthodox Jews. In jerusalem I saw such behavior too, but it does not represent the majority.

    By you focusing on these, you take the side of the liberal leftists who do the same thing as you - focus on these occasional abuses.

    And don't put it past secular Jews to purposely instigate these acts.

    There is a huge wave of Jews returning to the orthodox fold. This phenomenon does NOT happen because behavioral abuse is their preferred lifestyle.

    In your original comment, you used the word reprehensible, probably had in mind the fringe element, and loosely smeared two whole sects of fine Jews. Now that is reprehensible!

  6. "Out of context" and manipulative. You're 'fighting' the wrong person.

    Yes, Reprehensible are the Naturei Karta! Most Frum Jews agree about their misplaced kanois, I was even told that the Satmar Rebbe (not R'Yoel) disapproved of their ways.

    What defense could you possibly create for this:
    Yemenite Jews. And I invite your readers to also take a look.

  7. Neshama - you put the wrong link into "Yemenite Jews"

    As for your comment, keep your eye on the good of the collective, and not on the narrow fault of the few.

  8. http://lifeinisrael.blogspot.com/2011/08/satmar-and-yemenite-jews-video.html

  9. Neshama - Today's hafatara speaks of Jews who are their own worst enemies. You are an example of this - by pointing to a film funded by people like Soros, and made by leftist filmmakers that make films to suit Yediot Achronot

    I myself happened to be twice in Monroe and ended up in Yemenite houses therein. Make that 4 times, It never occurred to me they had anything but love of life there. Now, some 25 years later, along comes Neshama and says look at how horrible Satmar is - pointing to a film funded by Soros - the arch-hater of Jews. You should be ashamed of yourself for perpetuating this mythical grievance. Shame on you!

  10. Your article is an example of one of the best things found on internet.

    Torahdik. Honest. And teaches something interesting!

    All the best