Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Consoling the Bereaved

An elder chassid of Crown Heights had gone to console mourners in the Kletsky family. It was packed. He sat behind several rows of people and felt reluctant to say anything because most everyone there belonged to other chassidic groups and he was the only Chabadnik there at the time. Despite many hesitations, however, he stood up and began to speak.

He related how the Rebbe once responded to a man who came to him to complain, for he was childless for many years and then finally Hashem gave him a child - yet Hashem took this child away from him after so few years of life.

The Rebbe told him how Hashem sought among the Jews, looking for who among them is worthy to be presented with this cherished gift for a number of years, and decided, "to give it to you". Yes, it was not a gift for many years, but it was a most precious gift for while it lasted.

As the chassid told his story, he broke into tears but managed to finish it. He also noticed there were hardly any dry eyes in the crowd.

The father of Leiby then spoke up and told the chassid he finally felt consoled because of the Rebbe's words.

Back in Crown Heights the chassid related what happened to the father of Gabi Holtzberg, who then also went to console the Kletsky family.

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