Monday, August 15, 2011

"Before" and "After" White House Smiley Pictures

We all sense, those in touch with political ongoings, just how discombobulated American politics and economics suddenly became with the election of whom I think is a Muslim or Communist mole in the White House. We sense it and monitor it with foreboding. The entire capitalistic system seems to have taken a jolt and now totters and reels. Shifting winds bring dark clouds of gloom. A sinister infrastructure seems to be pulling strings, puppeteering the president and many other halfwits implanted throughout the country acting as administrators who hold the reins over many key positions.

Jews feel this trepidation closer to heart because of the significant change in policy towards Israel. The enmity towards Israel has become quite tangible in many ways, if before it lurked as an undercurrent.

Here's an example of the latter. Compare the captions under both "smiley" pictures. These pictures were posted on the White House website (link). The original, "before" picture contained the words, "Jerusalem, Israel" in its caption. (This was taken by photographer Daniel Harper, who revealed the story.) The "after" picture, has the word "Israel" expunged. The implication of the decisive rub out is clear - Jerusalem no longer belongs to Israel from America's perspective! (Note the irony in the smiles.)

(The erasure story is here. A video clip of it is here.)

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