Monday, June 06, 2011

Red Hen Thinkers

I'd like to address a common view among some Israeli bloggers who think it is incumbent upon all Jews in the diaspora to pack their belongings and take up residence in Israel instead.

1) One of Moshiach's duties will be to ingather the Jews to Israel. In fact, this operation of his actually constitutes one of two signs that will absolutely identify him as Moshiach. He will first build the Beit Hamikdash, and only then will he ingather the exiles. So let's not hear from people trying to preempt Moshiach's duties.

2) It says G-d did the Jews a favor by spreading them out in the world. So there is a purpose for Jews to be where they have been planted. So let's not hear from people trying to preempt G-d's plans.

3) Because Jews must teach Gentiles about the 7 Noahide laws, as the Rambam teaches, it follows, too, wherever Jews are in exile, they need to serve as lamplighters to the Gentile folk.

4) Many great rabbis did not go to Eretz Yisrael purposely, each for their own reasons. Nor did they, or do they, encourage their flock to do so - not until the time is right.

5) When the chief rabbis of Israel come to the States, for example, we never hear them make the request of us Jews to pack our bags and make aliyah.

6) Many Jews outside Israel can help the Jewish country better than if they were in Israel.

There is a parable of the Red Hen, who suggests to plant grains of wheat. The goose and duck decline her offer. The red hen then plants them, waters them, and finally harvests the seeds. She then seeks help to carry them to the mill. The goose and duck decline. So the red hen takes the wheat to the mill herself. She returns with the flour and asks who will help her make bread with this flour. The goose and duck again decline. After she makes the bread she asks who will eat from it. Now the goose and duck are willing, but the red hen reminds them of their previous refusals and denies their wish. Instead she and her chicks eat the bread.

Those Jews who think like the red hen, thinking that Israel "belongs" to them, by "right of having returned there", believe only their own reasons for being in Israel are valid and all reasons to be outside Israel are invalid. This despite all the points made above, and aside from many more simply as a result of having been bred, nurtured and rooted in a foreign country.

Red Hen thinkers, going through the trouble of planting seeds, etc., as it were, e.g., having the government of Israel abuse them, especially if they are "settlers" and "religious settlers" to boot, assume, incorrectly, all Jews must now come to Israel. They do not. Red Hen thinkers would like them to. For it will help their cause. While this may be true, they should not confuse their own desires with someone else's obligations.

Another major point; They tend to dole from the trough that feeds them; They confuse a concept godless Zionism wrought upon them, stemming from the claims that "redemption" started with the founding of the state. In effect, they confuse the founding of the state with Geulah. We don't have far to look to see the unfortunate results of godless zionism; As, for example, when the state renders more respect to its enemies than to its own and bravest citizens. Yet it is these godless adminstrators who gave the word "ALIYAH" the rather sanctimonious meaning Red Hen Thinkers fall victim to, by assuming all Jews now must come to Israel to help them, otherwise "outsiders" won't deserve their full rights to return.


  1. Jews belong in Israel, you can't refute that. Also where does it say, 'stay where you are and wait till mashiach comes?' If Christians are flocking to Israel to live on the land in Judea and Samaria, shouldn't we be just as enthusiastic - or more than that? More holy G-d fearing Jews should make Aliyah to tip the scales so we can gain G-d's favor. We are going as soon as b'zrat Hashem we are able. Have you read "Eim Habanim Semeichah," written in 1943, by Rabbi Teichtal? He was an anti-Zionist once...

  2. Moriah, if only you would address each point.

  3. I agree fully..there are many sides to this door and no one can say with all certainty that ALl should make Aliya..God bless and Chag Sameach!(wheres the cheescake?:)

  4. I'll start with your first point. The Moshiach will only come when we're ready, and stage one to being ready is following "Lech Lecha."
    Leave your old life, values, culture, land and come to the Land I will show you... the Holy Land, Eretz Yisrael.
    When we begin building the Beit HaMikdash it will be completed miraculously. G-d is waiting for us.

  5. Batya; Lech Lecha is not a mitzva. You cook up your own halacha. You did not address my 1st point, at all!

  6. Dear Batya;

    As you know, it was your view that spurred me to write this post. Although I admire your keen insight and enjoy your Musings (which is why I include your site in my blogroll even though you don't reciprocate), this one view of yours I definitely disagree with. Over Shavuot, other important reasons occurred to me.

    The Rebbe often talked of the "5th son", beside the "4 sons" we read about in the Passover Hagada. The 4 sons have one thing in common, they come to the Passover seder. The 5th son, on the other hand, doesn't even know about Passover, let alone attend the seder.

    There are many such Jews all over the world. Many don't even know they're Jewish. Chabad does a great job in reaching out to these lost souls. The Rebbe's hand is long and his energy drives many of us to do this outreach. Why, every Friday it's almost tradition for young Chabadniks to take to the inner cities or outer suburbia to locate and touch these Jewish souls.

    I did not mention this as a reason for negating Red Hen thinking, because I did not think of it at the time, but it too, as I said, is an important role to play in Chutz La'Aretz.

    There are, in fact, more reasons, I know of - but for now, suffice it to say - uprooting one's place in Chutz La'Aretz, while it may be a noble move, is, in no way, mandatory.

    Have a great year!