Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Dumbing Down of Americans

A grand, diabolical conspiracy in America has people drinking poisoned water, promoted by government. From the spigot of your kitchen sink, or the one from the bathroom, water we and our children use contains fluoride - a toxin. The rationale for spiking the public's drinking water is to help fight tooth decay. So why do we still have so many visits to the dentist? And since when would dentists, who earn much more than average citizens, seek to minimize their income?

Do you want government in charge of your own destiny? Would you trust it with your health? If fluoride were indeed healthy, why not just bottle it and sell "Fluoridated Water" at health-food stores, like they do vitamins or other supplements? Why is this substance literally forced down our throats?

Which company sells to local governments this additive? How do they manufacture it? If it were Alcoa or Monsanto who make aluminum products and produce this additive as their waste product, I'd be very suspicious. How would they dispose of this poisonous waste product if they had no permission to dump it in the water storage facilities; Or how do they dispose of the fluoride in excess of the drinking-water needs?

How did fluoride get the okay to be dumped into our drinking water when other additives do not have this same privilege? How do they transport the fluoride to its destinations; In what containers; Do the containers carry the Toxic Substance label on them? How do they dump it into the water; Are there precautions taken by the handlers?

Answers to all these questions would be revealing.

Which seminal study discovered and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that fluoride is good for us? After all, fluoride rapidly emerged as the leading chemical health hazard of the U.S atomic bomb program, both for workers and for nearby communities, as documents reveal. What research study then prompted government with the go-ahead? Did they compare tooth decay using fluoridated versus distilled water?

Who, in fact, decided the masses need this product in their drinking water while other substances, such as iodine or vitamins, must be purchased or prescribed?

This demonic plot to dumb down and make ill the population is ongoing, deliberate and has nothing to do with health - but everything to do with money. The Environmental Protection Agency is more monster than protector. (The pseudoscience that succeeded in duping the populace by spiking clean drinking water with a chemical toxin now wants to push the "global warming" hoax upon us).

Fluoridation of the water began with the "Manhattan Project", the project responsible for developing the atomic bomb. Health problems developed in the community in the vicnity of this project, where fluoridation of the water and air caused sickness. The agencies that "investigated" these concerns of fluoridation denied the ill-effects of this substance. Otherwise - this all-important military project would have come to a screeching halt.

In other words, fluoridation found its way into the drinking water in the nineteen-forties, when they were forced into rationalizing away its contamination! From then on, it only remained to make sure the safety ruse be perpetuated.


  1. Thank you! I had such an argument with my dentist over this - she happens to also be a friend of mine - she says flouride is good, I say it's bad.
    You can't even buy toothpaste that doesn't contain it.

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  5. As for the dentists who go along with this scheme glibly are but useful idiots to the controlling interests.