Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Main Purpose for the Internet

Why does Israel always draw the focus of the entire world? Two reasons: One, as lamplighters to the world, Jews need the world's attention; Second, to prepare for Moshiach's era, anyone in the whole world can tune in to find out what's new with Moshiach.

For this ultimate purpose the internet phenomenon came into being. It makes sure the vast world can become, in an instant, a "small world", where anybody anywhere can be networked. Instant communication, be it visual, audio or print, ensures everyone access into the global network. The internet is already at the ready to accommodate the Messianic utopia.

We spoke before of current history's technological spurt that parallels - and derives from - the spurt in Chassidism. Chassidism came onto the world scene around 1740, in order that Jews awake from their slumber. It's meant to arouse them to acknowledge Moshiach, and to prepare the world for his revelation. Before chassidim flowered, the subject of Moshiach was anathema. Today, hardly any Jewish circle ignores it.

By divine design, as a by-product of this new Chassidic light and its dissemination, a parallel phenomenon has taken place, that of major advances emanating from the secular sector in all fields of science and technology. The spiritual changes in the atmosphere automatically trigger parallel new insights into the material world. 

By the same token, Gentiles too can prepare for this imminent era by learning the 7 Noahide Laws incumbent upon them. With a little tweaking, the internet can easily reach even behind the wall of China, and even into the jungles of the Amazon.

As we wait for the Moshiach's era to fully blossom, the internet meanwhile broadcasts worldwide an ongoing global war that serves to pit Good versus Evil - for all to see. It paves the way for Moshiach because, after all, in his time the Good shall eradicate the Evil. People must align themselves into one of these two camps. (See here for more details on Daniel's prophecy.)

The final battle in this epic struggle Moshiach himself will fight and win.

UPDATE: Britain's chief rabbi presents an interesting corollary to this theory here.

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