Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weaning Israel Off Illusions

Israeli administrative policy, for so many decades now, has been decadent, anti-Torah and good only to her enemies. This had to come to a halt. Israel relied on money and support from America. That had to change.
G-d wants us to rely on Him.

Because we are fast approaching Moshiach times, things are accelerating in the right direction. What cure did G-d bring to Israel to remedy Israel's over-dependence on America? Install an American muslim president, forcing Israel to shut off its oxygen tube to America. G-d knows Israel needs none of this support and influence.

Not so long ago, many times Israel wanted to give away large chunks of land to the enemy, and, miraculously, the "Palestinian" authority rejected the deal, even though 98% of what they asked for was being offered on a silver platter.

Now the illusion that we had peace, and could maintain such status, with two neighbors will be shattered. That Arabs living as responsible Israeli citizens, too, is being understood for what it really is - a myth.

Egypt surely will fall any day now and foster some anti-Israel policy. Chances are Jordan too will have riots and install some islamic terror regime. This "peaceful" facade, even if, in the best of cases, is reliant on pragmatism, simply had to be exposed.

Israel's silent enemies, who always wanted her destruction, will show their true colors soon enough. Surrounding countries and others far and wide will coalesce to denounce the little "usurper of Muslim rights". Like Pharoah of old, her surrounding enemies will feel emboldened, feeling they finally have the upper hand. They'll relish Israel's being cornered and outgunned, and the situation will heat up quickly.

Every war Israel fought had open miracles happen. The 1948 war, ... the 6-day war, the Yom Kippur war, the 39-Scud missile war, etc. - all of them! And the coming one too, being that Moshiah's revelation is fast imminent, will have G-d on our side again, but this time - big time!

The scenario will be worrisome and painted black by the secular mindset that "analyzes" current events according to parameters of Nature, like when they prepared thousands of body bags, or millions of gas-masks before a war. (All in futility). But those with faith in Torah will know better, waiting, finally, for the supernatural debut of Moshiach to blow away the evil opposition.

We want Moshiach now!

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