Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Moshe Yess (ע''ה) - Sings "My Zeidie"

We lost another fine chassid to that disease the medical mafia-like establishment refuses to find a cure for (making their big bucks on the dreaded threesome: Poisoning by chemotherapy; Burning by radiation; and Slicing by surgery). The cure is simply proper organic nutrition and detoxification! Other avenues of healing are available too. But, should a doctor try and heal the patient with any methodology other than the rotten 3, he'd be ostracized, legislated to death, or even killed.

Their "treatments" for cancer, hypertension, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, adult-onset diabetes - in fact, all chronic degenerative diseases - are just that, "treatments". There never have a CURE for these! Nor would they allow it! When's the last time you heard someone had high blood pressure, arthritis or Alzheimer's reversed? Healing these diseases would mean dealing with the them in ways other than PUSHING PILLS for the life of the patient. Today's doctors (many, unwittingly) are mostly drug pushers for the big-pharma interests. The whole system, its schools, its governmental agencies, the hospitals, insurance companies, the charities, the positions available, licensing, as well as companies involved in pesticides, flouride disposal, genetic engineering of seeds, dental amalgam with mercury, vaccines with mercury ... - all of this is tightly controlled by higher echelon interests who care nothing at all for people's illnesses, but care only to dumb down people and bleed them dry of their money. Did you know - nutrition is never taught in medical school? When's the last time you went to a doctor who asked you, "What did you eat"? (Did you know the Jewish Code of Law states that the number one cause of most illnesses is - what you put into your mouth! [chpt 32]) Did you know - there'a a law on the books that pesticides cannot be removed from the market, even if found to be cancer-causing, unless the EPA pays the manufacturers for all the stuff they still hold in inventory, which is twice as much as the EPA's budget? This corruption is so pervasive, yet people, many highly intelligent, simply won't believe it. They don't yet get that 95% of what the supermarket sells is toxic, even basic products like vegetables and eggs, with pesticides, herbicides and hormones; That their water and toothpastes have fluoride, which is a poison. (If fluoride were so good for us, then let us take fluoride supplements - as WE feel we'd want to - not as they force us to.) People are still naive, thinking it's a benevolent establishment. Little do they know the good stuff is discouraged, suppressed and outlawed.

Moshe Yess passed away at a young 65. I admired him because he stood firm on his beliefs, and composed and sang great songs.

And if you liked that song, you'll love this too.

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