Saturday, January 15, 2011

Arabs in Israel Attack Chabad Jew

A Chabad Jew walking the sidewalk in Carmiel, looking to reach out to a Jew, to bring the world one small step closer to perfection, encountered the side that breeds nothing but evil.

Two Arabs jumped out of their car and approached him, saying, "Stinking Jew, why are you wearing those clothes?" One of them punched his face very hard, leaving him dazed for 10 minutes. The Arab who punched him then took his kippah and Fedora hat. They both jumped back into their car and left.

His friend came over and helped him out. They called the police, who arrived 20 minutes later. The police, at the station, told him his case is closed for lack of any evidence.

This despite the fact this video caught the action, people were about, and the car and their dress could easily provide clues to catch the criminals. No doubt, were it Jews attacking Arabs, there would be a much more responsive, aggressive search to nail the perpetrators.

Now Jews must be careful for some Arab masquerading as a Jew, using the stolen hat, to bring more evil in the wake of this criminal act.

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