Friday, May 28, 2010

Jew Haters - Their Ulterior Motive

Rashi teaches us (Bamidbar 10, 35) what Jew haters have churning in their souls. Those who hate Jews really engender a hate towards G-d.

Who, for example, rate among virulent Jew haters?

"Religious" Muslims.

Can Rashi be right? Could it be these Muslims, who commonly shout out "G-d is the strongest" before they do their killings or cause pain, actually hate the very G-d they invoke?

More likely they're rebelling against the G-d they deeply despise. Notice how they never speak lovingly about G-d. And when they die for their perverted cause, they have lust on their mind. Do they do their wickedness to be closer to G-d? These creatures are driven by emotion, not brains.

If not for Rashi, we might not have attributed hatred of G-d to "religious" perpetrators of evil. After all, they claim to be doing G-d's will. Rashi shows us - they live the lie.

There are 3 sorts of Jew hater.
1) Those who publicly gather for their anti-Jewish cause;
2) Those who follow the former in their fight but will turn heal and flee as soon as they feel threatened; And
3) Those who non-demonstratively or secretly bear their hatred.

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P.S. In a previous post I wondered how a person such as George Soros, a Jewish holocaust survivor, could support, nay promote, anti-Jewish causes. There too I relied on Rashi for an explanation. But this Rashi may provide the better clue. It may well be what Mr. Soros experienced during the holocaust brought him to hate G-d, and as a result, as Rashi here asserts, it automatically transfers to a hate of the Jewish people.

P.P.S. Here is a great short video of anger among Jew haters the world over and the Jewish existential phenomenon.


  1. Good point. Take another group of Jew haters - the Amalekites. In fact, these who some 65 years ago atttempted to wipe out the Jews with the Holocaust, are called "Nazis". This week we read in the Torah that G-d is frustrated by the Jews that angered Him. The word used is "Niatzuni" - "they make me angry". It is clear that this group of Jew Haters have as their real motive the desire to anger G-d. Their motive is "built-into" their name.

  2. Great blog. it is true, those who hate Jews really hate G-d. We represent G-d on earth. Great video too.

  3. Another theory is that their hatred is of a pathological, psychological nature. They hate the Jew, because it reflects back on them: they really hate themselves, b/c G-d gave the Torah to us, and not them.
    They have a bad case of lack-of-self-respect-and-esteem.