Tuesday, May 11, 2010

U.S. General Vallely - Alerts Israel to Summer War

Paul Vallely, a distinguished career general, alerts us to the full-blown preparations made by Iran, Syria and their regional terrorist factions to wage a brutal apocalypse on Israel this summer. He discusses the various Arab strategies in place and their sophistication. [LINK to PJTV video]

What Arabs (and others) have yet to realize is, that what purports to be a natural world really runs under supernatural auspices. What we pray several times every day, therefore, bears repetition here:
"Do not fear sudden terror, nor the pending holocaust by the wicked." (Zecharia 4, 9)
"Let them contrive a scheme or conspire a plot; It shall be to no avail because G-d is with us." (Mishlei 3, 12)

UPDATE (May 18, 2010): Read what Monkey in the Middle has to say regarding the new political winds quickly sweeping across the Middle East and its "obominable" American reinforcement: HERE.

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