Monday, June 07, 2010

The Light at the End of the Tunnel
- As a Wedge is Driven Between Good and Bad

Now that an illegitimate or Muslim candidate has been planted in the White House to commandeer the presidency of the United States; Now that irresponsible dictators have their itchy fingers on a nuclear trigger; Now that most nations on the globe wish evil for the Jewish people and the Holy Land; Now that a farcical nation of "Palestinian people" has been sanctioned to exist by all these nations; That is, now that the world suffers social and economic chaos, and Israel is marginalized and made to appear as a wicked entity, even by some of its own people within and without Israel, it seems we are quickly approaching a watershed era in world history. It is nothing less significant than the pre-Messianic era when two sides of the "Jewish issue" are clearly being delineated, when people clearly must embrace one side or the other.

Never before has the fate of so many lives across continents been made vulnerable to a split-second annihilation; Never before have so many media in so many lands synchronized their propaganda to slander Israel for aggression; Never before have so many nations silently legitimized Islamic terror or succumbed to Islamic infiltration, deflecting the heat on Jews and Israel; And never before has Israel been so overhauled systemically to dismember itself from within.

Please read my previous post regarding the prophecy in the last several verses in the Book of Daniel where it speaks about a collective separation into two distinct camps, one aligned with good, the other with the bad, as the Messianic era dawns.

It is a critical time. The spiritual forces of evil sense the imminent utopia. So they're determined to make their last stand now at all costs. If the world is to be cured of iniquity, then iniquity will put up the fight of its life to resist the makeover. Ideological differences among the wicked will be put aside as long as they find common ground to coalesce in their final do or die struggle against the Jewish cause.

The Jewish camp and their supporters, on the other hand, will react differently. Those aware of the transcendental providence, realizing the supernatural course of events and having faith in G-d, will observe the oncoming confrontation with more vigor in their commitments to G-d. Others, who still see these events dressed over by the veil of Nature, may well fret, unnecessarily upsetting themselves. But for these too, sooner or later, it will become evident they belong in the camp of good, in the camp of G-d, and will therefore come out victorious in this last war against evil.

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