Monday, October 05, 2009

The Pivotal Role of Jerusalem

The fate of the Jewish people forever challenges them because, as recited during the Passover seder, "... for in every generation after generation some nation always seeks to destroy them [either physically or spiritually]".

In the Haftarah of the 1st day of Succot, Zechariah (chpt 14) the prophet reveals an unusual point of information; The final war against the Jews, the one that will precede the revelation of Moshiach, centers around the city of Jerusalem. ("Jerusalem" appears 10 times in this chapter).

Over 1,900 years ago Jerusalem was destroyed. Only in recent history has she been revived. Never had this city been the capital of any country except for Israel. The so-called "Palestinians", Arabs who live in Israel and claim no other land as their own although they came from surrounding countries, choose, of all cities, Jerusalem as their "capital"? They not only want to hijack their host country, they want to redefine its capital as non-Jewish. This may well be the prophecy beginning to materialize.

Jerusalem will become the world's fulcrum about which two sides will emerge. One camp will come out in support of the Jewish claim; The other will support the enemies of the Jews. Not only will the world focus on little Israel, but all eyes will laser in on events happening in the city of Jerusalem. It will appear as though defenders of Jerusalem will go down in a tsunami of disaster - when, in fact, that very day the world will realize the Master of the Universe, the G-d of the Jews, rules alone and rules supreme.

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