Thursday, October 29, 2009

Infinity Unimaginable

With the aid of microscopes, telescopes and theoretical science, we can "see" things down to the quark or as far away as beyond the galaxy, covering a range of metric sizes about 10 to the power of 39; From so tiny as 100 "attometers" in resolution to as far as 10 million light years away! 

Never mind figuring out the number of quarks, or even electrons, that exist in the universe. Just the number of stars in the universe is 1,063,400,000,000,000,000 (Brachot 32b)! [Do the math yourself.]  And most of these stars are much larger than our tiny earth.

And forget about conceiving how to control all of these, and their collective formations, at the same time and in their mutual interactions, in continuous time, all the while maintaining "multi-dimensional cross-sectional" integrity of the whole swirl and flurry of these dynamic micro and macro interactive events. 

That just begins to give you a tiny bit of an idea of the infinitely infinite power of Our Creator. Let alone, for now, the beneficence, magnificence, and other properties of The Only One.

(Here's a slide show (view it in "manual" mode) of that range of distances, going from micro to macro, or in reverse.)

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